In January KBIA sent reporters down to southeast Missouri to open the “Bootheel” bureau in Missouri's most productive farmland. Hear the full series “Shortage in Rich Land."

How a Worst-Case Scenario in Cuts at Fort Wood Impacts Community

Soldiers scale walls and crawl through cold, damp grass while taking on simulated gunfire in this Basic Training course at Fort Leonard Wood. They’re among the roughly 90,000 yearly trainees at the base, located in the central Missouri Ozarks.This 62,000 acre campus shares many characteristics with its military installation counterparts. But at a time when the entire U.S. Army is set to significantly reduce its force, no base in the country is safe from cuts. So it’s vital for military...
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missouri auditor tom schweich
State of Missouri

  A Republican donor has revised his recollection of a comment that he says the state GOP chairman made against an auditor who later killed himself.

David Humphreys said Monday that he had gotten the date wrong when he released an affidavit last week asserting Missouri Republican Party Chairman John Hancock told him State Auditor Tom Schweich was Jewish.

missouri capitol
Ryan Famuliner / KBIA

  Two bills sponsored by Republican lawmakers address privacy concerns in an attempt to pass a long-unsuccessful proposal for a prescription drug database. 

Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr

  A group working to restore historic buildings in Arrow Rock is celebrating a successful fundraising campaign.

Claire Banderas / KBIA

The Boone County Muleskinners hosted a forum Friday for the three Columbia Board of Education Candidates. Christine King, the current president of the school board and Darin Preis, another incumbent were both present. However, the third candidate, Derek Wade was not present.

Sahir Majid / KBIA

The MU School of Medicine held its annual Match Day event Friday, which is part of the National Residency Matching Program. Graduating seniors receive their residency invitation letters all at once at the event.

At first glance, state Sen. Bob Dixon wouldn’t be an obvious choice to spearhead legislation responding to the unrest in and around Ferguson.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has apparently had enough of the fig leaf most presidential candidates wear as their unofficial spring costume the year before the election actually happens.

That is a bold stroke, but entirely in keeping with the go-for-broke style the junior senator from Texas has exhibited since first challenging the Republican establishment's candidate for the Senate in 2012.

Missouri Senate Passes $200 Million Bond Repurpose

Mar 20, 2015
Missouri Capitol
j.stephenconn / Flickr

200 million dollars in bonds originally meant for the construction of a new mental health facility will now be used for state building repairs.

Ray Dumas / Flickr

  Missouri hunters may soon have a new weapon in their arsenal -- the crossbow. The Missouri Department of Conservation is asking citizens for their thoughts on possible rule changes for the 2016 hunting season. Besides allowing crossbows, the department is looking to shorten the length of the hunting season after a decrease in the deer population over the last few years.


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