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Trump Administration Moves to Alter Drug Discount Program That Many Rural Hospitals Rely On

It’s a familiar story in rural America. Four years ago the Pemiscot County hospital, the lone public hospital in Missouri’s poorest county, nearly closed. What’s keeping it in business today has also become increasingly common in rural healthcare: relationships with a handful of local pharmacies.

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I recently hobbled to the drugstore to pick up painkillers after minor outpatient knee surgery, only to discover that the pharmacist hadn't yet filled the prescription. My doctor's order of 90 generic Percocet exceeded the number my insurer would approve, he said. I left a short time later with a bottle containing a smaller number.

When I got home and opened the package to take a pill, I discovered that there were 42 inside.

The wave of government-backed violence against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar amounts to "ethnic cleansing," the U.S. State Department says, in a statement that raised the possibility of targeted U.S. sanctions to put pressure on Myanmar's government.

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This year, Everybody Eats is celebrating two decades of providing Thanksgiving Day meals for people living with food insecurity in Columbia. The program is continuing the legacy of founder Almeta Crayton, who died in 2013.

“She saw everybody as being a citizen of Columbia, and she wanted to have one day a few hours once a year where everybody came to the table together and nobody has to pay, and that’s really what this event is about,” said Janice Dawson-Threat, Volunteer Coordinator for the program.

Today Paul Pepper visits with "old time fiddler" HOWARD MARSHALL! Howard's written two books, "Play Me Something Quick and Devilish" and "Fiddler's Dream." Find out what it means to be an "old time fiddler" and what the future is of this niche talent! November 15, 2017

Columbia Prepares for Winter Snow Removal

Nov 15, 2017

Even though no snow is expected Wednesday, Columbia’s snow plows will take to the streets to prepare for winter.

In the city’s annual Dry Snow Run, plow drivers will review safety procedures and practice driving the snow routes.

“The better our plow drivers know these routes, the safer and more efficient they will be, and the better prepared we will be as a City when an actual snow does occur,” said Street Superintendent Sam Thomas in a press release from the Public Works department. 

Is the media stirring the pot? Is the coverage of the sex scandals – now rocking entertainment, journalism and politics – potentially destroying innocent lives? In our attempts to listen to and be supportive of accusers are we denying the accused due process or benefit of the doubt? 

The University of Missouri football team played its final home game of the year on Saturday, which also marks the end of a football season dorm rental program.

The goal of the new program was to help counteract financial problems linked with lower enrollment. Visitors for home football games were able to rent a two-room, four-bed suite for $120 a night.

MU representative Liz McCune says the program proved successful with visiting fans.

University of Missouri Law School / MU

Missouri's attorney general says his office will investigate Google for potential violations of the state's antitrust and consumer-protection laws.

A statement released Monday by Attorney General Josh Hawley's office says the agency has issued a subpoena to the tech giant, which recently came under fire by European Union regulators for antitrust violations.

Commentary: Soccer and Foreign Policy

Nov 14, 2017

  President Trump’s Asia trip makes me think of – soccer. I love soccer. Columbia College has two nationally-ranked teams and I’m a big fan. I help my daughter coach a recreation league team here in Columbia that my granddaughters and grandson play on. I coached youth soccer for many years when we lived in Kirksville.

A Missouri state school board member is among a growing list of people raising concerns with efforts by Republican Gov. Eric Greitens to replace the state's top education official.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday that board member John "Tim" Sumners wants to delay a meeting during which his colleagues are expected to call for Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven's ouster.

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  The St. Louis mayor's office says a medium-security jail that's the target of a lawsuit over its conditions is inspected multiple times a year and problems are addressed as they arise.

The office of Mayor Lyda Krewson on Monday issued a statement in responses to a lawsuit filed against the jail by former inmates who cited "inhumane conditions," alleging rodent feces in food, infestations of bugs and even snakes, and unbearable overcrowding.