rural jobs en Growing doctors in rural Missouri <p>In rural Missouri, there are roughly half as many primary care doctors per person, compared to urban parts of the state. &nbsp;That&#39;s a problem, when you consider that rural residents are also older (about three years, on average) and poorer (about five percent more live in poverty). In this Health &amp; Wealth report, small towns in Missouri are facing the shortage by &quot;growing their own&quot; doctors and nurses, starting as early as middle school.</p><p> Tue, 06 Dec 2011 13:30:42 +0000 Jacob Fenston 4767 at Growing doctors in rural Missouri Agriculture Secretary on Rural Jobs <p>President Obama has been touring the country trying to sell voters on his American Jobs Act. According to the White House, the bill would, if passed, give the state of Missouri $700 million for transportation projects and cut the taxes of 120,000 Missouri businesses. And agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack says that rural areas in particular would benefit from the jobs bill.&nbsp;Vilsack spoke with KBIA&rsquo;s Jacob Fenston.</p> Thu, 22 Sep 2011 22:21:09 +0000 Jacob Fenston 2005 at Agriculture Secretary on Rural Jobs