teen http://kbia.org en Doubts raised over Columbia teen curfew http://kbia.org/post/doubts-raised-over-columbia-teen-curfew <p>Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton is calling for a teen curfew after two shootings occurred in Columbia earlier this month. Thu, 27 Jun 2013 23:05:36 +0000 Teddy Nykiel 36164 at http://kbia.org Doubts raised over Columbia teen curfew Preventing teen violence http://kbia.org/post/preventing-teen-violence <p><strong>Watch the show and join the conversation on the <a href="http://intersectkbia.weebly.com/">Intersection website.</a></strong> Mon, 21 May 2012 22:44:49 +0000 Rehman Tungekar 14532 at http://kbia.org Preventing teen violence