patchwork nation en Not just a red state <p>Missouri is by all accounts &nbsp;a &quot;red state&quot; &nbsp;but it&#39;s plain to see that one or two colors can&#39;t tell the whole story. &nbsp;How can one color, one category, make sense of the diversity of communities we see around us every day? &nbsp;The folks at <a href="">Patchwork Nation</a> and the public radio station <a href="">WNYC</a> think they have a better way: they look at voters in each county and then slice up the numbers 12 different ways. &nbsp;Some counties are what might be called, the&nbsp;<a href="">&quot;Monied &#39;Burbs.&quot;</a> &nbsp;Others are <a href="">&quot;Tractor Countries&quot;</a> or <a href="">&quot;Mormon Outposts.&quot;&nbsp;</a>&nbsp; 12 demographics, 12 sets of values, opinions and personalities. &nbsp;</p><p> Tue, 07 Feb 2012 23:40:08 +0000 Scott Pham 8388 at Not just a red state