march march parade en True False: The sights and sounds <p>The 10th annual True False Film Fest is in the bag.</p><p>This year's festival screened more than 40 films over four days, and was punctuated by original music from the festival's official troupe of buskers, a rambunctious parade, outrageous costumes, and pleasantly crowded cafes filled with locals, visitors, filmmakers, and international accents.</p><p>As usual, True False also brings inspiration. And because of the subject matter of the films, it can be an emotionally intense weekend amidst the revelry, as KBIA's&nbsp; Sidney Miller captured in her audio postcard from the festival.</p> Mon, 04 Mar 2013 14:48:43 +0000 Sidney Miller and KBIA staff 29810 at True False: The sights and sounds Audio postcard: Meter maids at the March March Parade <p>What happens when four self-proclaimed parking violators get together for True/False Film Festival&#39;s annual March March Parade? They get dressed up as meter maids. The theme for this year&#39;s festival is &quot;the influencing machine,&quot; and the four women picked parking meters as their chosen apparatuses.&nbsp;Ann&nbsp;Breidenbach, Jacquelyn&nbsp;Sandone, Barbie Reid and Elizabeth Bergman&nbsp;say they want to remind out-of-town filmgoers to watch out for parking tickets. KBIA&#39;s Harum Helmy bring us an audio postcard from this year&#39;s parade.&nbsp;</p><p> Sat, 03 Mar 2012 02:22:04 +0000 Harum Helmy 9899 at Audio postcard: Meter maids at the March March Parade