kansas public radio http://kbia.org en Political Points vs. Sound Policy? http://kbia.org/post/political-points-vs-sound-policy <p>Republican lawmakers in red states are in a pickle. The Affordable Care Act requires each state to set up a health care exchange designed to bring down insurance costs for consumers. Republicans want no part of anything related to Obama&#39;s health care reform law, which they see as a federal intrusion on states rights. But if state lawmakers don&#39;t set up an exchange, the federal government will. In September, Republican senators in Missouri <a href="http://kbia.org/post/health-care-exchanges-spark-clash">prevented</a> the state from accepting $21 million of federal money to lay the groundwork for an exchange. Next door, the Sunflower State is in a similar quandary, reports Bryan Thompson of Kansas Public Radio.</p><p> Fri, 04 Nov 2011 15:12:21 +0000 Jacob Fenston 2975 at http://kbia.org Political Points vs. Sound Policy? In Kansas, Politics Over 'Obamacare' Strains Policy http://kbia.org/post/kansas-politics-over-obamacare-strains-policy A few months ago, Kansas seemed ahead of the game in preparing for an important requirement of the federal health law. The state had started to plan for exchanges — online marketplaces to help individuals and small businesses compare and buy health insurance.<p>But politics is intervening.<p>Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback never liked the Affordable Care Act, saying "Obamacare [is] an abomination." As a U.S. senator, he voted against it. Wed, 02 Nov 2011 17:34:00 +0000 editor 2915 at http://kbia.org In Kansas, Politics Over 'Obamacare' Strains Policy New Providers Could Fill Gap in Rural Dental Care http://kbia.org/post/new-providers-could-fill-gap-rural-dental-care <p>Able to clean teeth, like a hygienist, but also fill cavities like a dentist. If you&#39;ve never heard of a registered dental practitioner, it&#39;s probably because they are only legal in two states, Alaska and Minnesota. Like nurse practitioners, these mid-level providers are aimed at helping underserved rural areas.</p><p> Thu, 27 Oct 2011 15:41:08 +0000 Jacob Fenston 2547 at http://kbia.org New Providers Could Fill Gap in Rural Dental Care