e o wilson http://kbia.org en On hydroponic farming http://kbia.org/post/hydroponic-farming <p>This week,&nbsp;we’ll hear how some farmers are using hydroponics technology to save on water, and revisit an interview with biologist Edward O. Wilson.</p><p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 17:19:16 +0000 Rehman Tungekar 22483 at http://kbia.org On hydroponic farming Pioneering scientist reflects on distinguished career http://kbia.org/post/pioneering-scientist-reflects-distinguished-career <p>Biologist Edward O. Wilson is an emeritus University Research Professor at Harvard. Through his life-long research on the behavior of ants, he has transformed the disciplines of ecology and evolution, developing new theories and pioneering the field of sociobiology.</p><p> Thu, 03 May 2012 22:26:08 +0000 Véronique LaCapra 13524 at http://kbia.org Pioneering scientist reflects on distinguished career