senate campaign en Newscast for August 21, 2012 <p>Regional news from the KBIA newsroom, including:</p><ul><li>Five senior Missouri Republicans call on Akin to end his campaign</li><li>Akin lets Mo. Senate withdrawal deadline pass</li><li>Columbia to lose its commercial airline service to Memphis</li><li>Court vacates EPA cross-state pollution rule</li></ul> Wed, 22 Aug 2012 00:46:23 +0000 Rehman Tungekar 19803 at As Akin remains embattled, McCaskill calls her opponent 'sincere' <p>Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin today remains embattled but suggests that he plans to stay in the race for U.S. Senate.</p><p>The political firestorm caused by Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape,” pregnancy and abortion have prompted calls by Republicans for the Senate candidate to step down.</p><p>In statements and broadcasts yesterday, candidates lines up against Akin. But the incumbent Democratic Senator from Missouri – Claire McCaskill - wasn’t one of them.</p><p>Akin’s opponent, Democrat Claire McCaskill has sought to brand Akin as a fringe conservative.</p> Tue, 21 Aug 2012 13:19:33 +0000 Adam Allington 19758 at As Akin remains embattled, McCaskill calls her opponent 'sincere'