missouri science innovation and reinvestment act http://kbia.org en Mo. court strikes down science incentive fund http://kbia.org/post/mo-court-strikes-down-science-incentive-fund <p>The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld a decision striking down a 2011 law that created an incentive fund for science and technology-based businesses.</p><p>In a unanimous ruling Tuesday, the court said the law was unconstitutional because the Legislature linked it to an unrelated bill about tax credits. That separate bill ultimately did not pass during a 2011 special session.</p> Wed, 20 Mar 2013 13:21:09 +0000 Associated Press 30707 at http://kbia.org Mo. court strikes down science incentive fund MOSIRA law argued before Missouri Supreme Court http://kbia.org/post/mosira-law-argued-missouri-supreme-court <P>A life sciences jobs bill signed into law&#160;last year but&#160;blocked this year was heard today by the <A href="http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=27">Missouri Supreme Court</A>.</P> <P><A href="http://www.senate.mo.gov/11info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=S1&#38;BillID=4696927">The Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act, or MOSIRA,</A> would use a funding mechanism to draw more high-tech jobs to Missouri.&#160; Known then as Senate Bill 7, it included language tying its passage to that of <A href="http://www.senate.mo.gov/11info/BTS_Web/Bill.aspx?SessionType=S1&#38;BillID=4696928">a tax credit bill (Senate Bill 8), </A>which did not pass during the<A href="http://www.senate.mo.gov/11info/special.htm"> 2011 special legislative session</A>.&#160; <A href="http://gov.mo.gov/">Governor Jay&#160;Nixon</A> (D)&#160;signed the MOSIRA bill, anyway, but Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green (R)&#160;ruled it unconstitutional in February&#160;because of the language tying it to&#160;the dead bill.&#160;&#160;Solicitor General&#160;Jim Layton argued for the state before the High Court, saying that the MOSIRA bill&#160;can be legally severed from the other bill. Thu, 20 Sep 2012 00:30:55 +0000 Marshall Griffin 21459 at http://kbia.org MOSIRA law argued before Missouri Supreme Court Koster to appeal for state science initiatives http://kbia.org/post/koster-appeal-state-science-initiatives <p>&nbsp;</p><p style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, Geneva; font-size: 11px; line-height: 15px; ">Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster plans to appeal a court ruling that invalidated a state fund designed to offer incentives to science or technology companies.</p><p> Wed, 22 Feb 2012 21:10:04 +0000 Associated Press 9286 at http://kbia.org Koster to appeal for state science initiatives Nixon Praises Bill Helping Growth in Science and Tech Industries http://kbia.org/post/nixon-praises-bill-helping-growth-science-and-tech-industries <p>Missouri Governor Jay Nixon stopped in Kansas City Wednesday for a bill signing ceremony promoting research and technology businesses.</p><p> Wed, 09 Nov 2011 22:14:43 +0000 3319 at http://kbia.org