polling http://kbia.org en Commentary: The Polls http://kbia.org/post/commentary-polls <p>Here’s a political quiz:</p><p> Which of the following is more annoying?</p><ol style="list-style-type:lower-alpha;"><li>Non-stop attack ads on your TV</li><li>Public opinion pollsters calling your phone</li><li>Both of the above are equally annoying</li></ol><p>C is the correct answer, unless a pollster calls during dinner, in which case the correct answer is b.&nbsp; Or if it is a female calling, it would be a pollstress, I suppose.</p> Tue, 30 Oct 2012 21:39:26 +0000 Terry Smith 23654 at http://kbia.org Commentary: The Polls SOS issues Missouri voter turnout predictions http://kbia.org/post/sos-issues-missouri-voter-turnout-predictions <p>The Missouri Secretary of State’s Office announced in a press release today that it predicts 72 percent of Missouri’s registered voters will vote in the November 6 general election. Tue, 30 Oct 2012 20:14:42 +0000 Daina Schnese 23678 at http://kbia.org SOS issues Missouri voter turnout predictions