river levels http://kbia.org en Low water, high anxiety on the Mississippi http://kbia.org/post/low-water-high-anxiety-mississippi It seems like we’re constantly hearing about how the worst drought in decades is threatening barge shipping on the Mississippi River.&#160;<p>One day we’re facing a shutdown, the next day they say commerce will keep rolling on the river.&#160;&#160;<p>Here’s the latest: The Army Corp of Engineers says it’s done enough work to keep the waterway open until the end of this month.&#160;&#160;&#160;<p>After that, though, no one is making any promises, and that uncertainty is giving the shipping industry a lingering headache and could end up with local companies cutting jobs. Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:49:02 +0000 Tim Lloyd 27240 at http://kbia.org Low water, high anxiety on the Mississippi