My Life, My Town screening

my life / my town

Join us for a special screening of these short multimedia documentaries about Missouri teens.

watch & learn 

When: Tuesday, Dec. 4th, at 5.30pm 
Cost: Free. Bring your friends! 
*Arrive early as seating may be limited. 

the screening

The teens of these towns may wear a blue collar or a pink triangle. Some prefer camou­flage, while others would rather wear their cheerleading uniform. Some have dreams of college, of moving on up, as others look forward to staying put and growing roots. More than a quarter of Missouri’s population lives in rural areas. Their hometowns are scattered across the state, with long hauls to the nearest mall or big city. Most will go to high school knowing the names of every student in their graduating class. ‘My Life, My Town’ documents a slice of time in the lives of teenagers from small Missouri towns. These are the youth who make up the hope and future of rural life – if they decide to stay. Our hope is that these stories capture the voice of the often unheard youth, who live beyond the point where our radio signals die and the circulation for our newspapers end. Here, we hear their stories — a unique look at the day-to-day joys and struggles of rural life.

A discussion will follow the documentaries.

‘My Life, My Town’ is a collaboration by producers at KBIA & photographers & photo editors at the Columbia Missourian, with help from 4H, RUPRI and the Reynolds journalism institute … and our friends at Ragtag Cinema.