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The six speakers representing the City of Columbia — including Mayor Bob McDavid — all shot a very clear set of data-backed messages to state legislators. But even with a multitude of statistics, one main point reigned above all others.

"So it's disingenuous for some legislators to say that we can't afford to expand Medicaid, just as it's disingenuous to say that Medicaid is broken," Fourth Ward City Council Member Ian Thomas said.

The Camerons

  In 2009, the Columbia Fire Department and Boone County Fire District signed a joint operating agreement. The county department agreed to respond to emergencies in areas around the city limits of Columbia to help the understaffed city department. In return, the city of Columbia agreed to pay the county department $350,000 every year for their assistance.

The 5-year agreement technically ended April 1, 2014, but both departments continue to respond to calls as if the agreement were still in place.

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Former Dateline NBC program, "To Catch a Predator" may make a comeback. The show was hosted by Chris Hansen where he and the civilian watchdog group, Perverted-Justice teamed up to lure people looking to have sex with minors. The last episode aired seven years ago, and Hansen is looking to bring the program back, but this time he'll call it, "Hansen vs. Predator."

Missouri School of Journalism professors and "Views of the News" hosts Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discuss Hansen's quest to harvest support through Kickstarter.

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  A bill to limit police use of deadly force has advanced in the Missouri Senate, an effort aimed at addressing concerns raised after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

The Missouri Senate gave initial approval to the bill Tuesday on a voice vote.

Current law justifies deadly force when an officer believes a suspect has committed or attempted a felony, is escaping with a deadly weapon or poses a serious threat of danger to others.

The bill would change part of that law to allow deadly force only if police reasonably believe the suspect has committed or tried to commit a violent felony.

The measure needs a second full Senate vote before it can move to the House.

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Tyson Foods, the country’s largest poultry producer, says it will stop feeding its chickens antibiotics that are used to treat humans.

The company says it plans to eliminate the drugs in its broiler chicken flocks – chickens grown for meat – by September 2017.

Exploring the Paths of Missouri’s Special Education: A Study

15 hours ago

  In 2006, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt asked the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to “examine best practices around the country for improving the delivery of services” for children with severe disabilities. The department commissioned a study which questioned the placement of children with disabilities in Missouri and other states.

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McDonald County, Missouri, is a small community in the very southwestern-most part of the state that few people are aware of. Some residents describe it as a beautiful part of Missouri with rolling hills and numerous creeks. 

But there is more than scenery to McDonald County, as its communities - Anderson, Noel, Pineville, Southwest City - are home to an incredibly diverse mix of people. Towns now include a white population, Hispanic immigrants, Somali and Sudanese refugees, individuals from Burma and Micronesia and new immigrants are entering the county every day.

So here are some residents of the county talking about life, about health and about their home.

missouri capitol
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Missouri senators have passed a measure calling for a constitutional convention to enact a balanced budget requirement for the federal government.

Columbia College Approves School Restructure

21 hours ago
Columbia College
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Columbia College approved a measure Monday that will restructure the school’s academic departments. Under the new structure the school will be broken down into three separate departments with three separate deans instead of the current structure of one school and a singular dean.

President’s Final Year at Westminster College

21 hours ago

After spending 10 years at Westminster College, President Barney Forsythe is retiring at the end of this school year.

Forsythe has served as the president of Westminster since October of 2007. He believes the college has internationalized the campus and created an institutional identity around the liberal arts. They have also built a number of engaging programs using an integrative approach to the liberal arts.

jay nixon
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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has approved spending over $250 million more this fiscal year.

Nixon on Monday signed legislation that includes $120 million in additional general revenue spending. Nixon had requested the extra money, in part because lawmakers last year budgeted for an anticipated $50 million from a tobacco settlement that has not yet come.

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Lincoln University in Jefferson City has entered into a partnership with the program Project SEARCH, which secures competitive employment for people with disabilities by partnering with several Missouri-based organizations to provide real-world opportunities for high school students. Throughout the school year, students work three internships that place them in various departments on campus.

Brady Finn/KBIA

Lincoln University in Jefferson City has entered a partnership with Project SEARCH which gives high school students with disabilities job training. KBIA’s Brady Finn takes you inside the school to figure out what jobs these students are working and what impact the program is making.  

Hundreds of American flags lined the streets and the cemeteries in Centralia.  People drove slowly down the roads on a rainy Saturday morning.  The parking lot at Centralia High School filled quickly for the memorial service for Sergeant Rodney Griffin, half with cars and half with motorcycles, many from the Patriot Guard.

People formed a line that extended out the doors for the visitation.  Then they gathered into the gym for the service. 

Rodney Griffin’s military funeral would be like most others; only this one is coming about 45 years late.  

  A giant balloon that crash-landed in a southeast Missouri field has been traced back to Google.

Specifically, a project called Google Loon, which aims to bring internet access to rural areas.

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  The IBM service center in Columbia will not be receiving its last remaining incentive from the state government.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that comes in response to a large round of layoffs in January.

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  Two Dutch Street Artists traveled thousands of miles to paint a giant baby turkey on the side of a barn in Osage County.

The Columbia Missourian reports the two artists painted the mural, off U.S. 50, as part of a Honeysuckle White, Cargill corporation’s poultry bland, commercial outreach program.

Writing the Future: Thomas McKenney

Apr 27, 2015
MU School of Music

In his 47 years as a faculty member at the University of Missouri School of Music, Dr. Thomas McKenney has taught a lot of students how to compose music. This evening at MU's Whitmore Recital Hall, those students pay tribute to their teacher with a concert featuring their own works.  

Today Paul Pepper visits with SYLVIA SPRINKLE about Missouri Pay It Forward. Started as a way to help a friend, MPIF has since grown into a resource for those who've fallen on hard times. At [4:00] KRISTEN FRITSCHIE, Coordinator for Children's Miracle Network, tells us about the upcoming 'donate-a-dollar' campaign at any Walmarts or Sam's Clubs. 100% of the proceeds benefit MU's Children's Hospital. Watch! April 27, 2015

St. Louis County

A Missouri judge is giving strong indications he may toss a lawsuit by activists seeking an independent investigation of a prosecutor's handling of grand jury proceedings in the Michael Brown shooting case.

St. Louis County Circuit Judge Joseph Walsh III heard 90 minutes of arguments Friday. Activists want Walsh to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate what they claim was misconduct by county prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

Missouri has extended football coach Gary Pinkel's contract through the 2019 season and upped his yearly salary to $4.02 million, making him the 10th Southeastern Conference coach to have a yearly salary of at least $4 million.

Pinkel is headed into his 15th season at Missouri and is already the winningest coach in school history with 113 victories. He was making $3.2 million per year.

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  The Missouri House approved a measure Thursday to remove the cap on the number of times an aspiring doctor can retake the state medical exam. Currently, the state will not issue licenses to doctors after their third failed exam.

Rep. Keith Frederick, of Rolla, says other medical professions do not have such limits and that taking the exam multiple times does not reflect a physician's skill.

Some opponents have raised concerns that quality of care may suffer and patients may be put at risk. The measure now heads to the Senate.

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  Property developers Jon, Nathan and Bruce Odle have purchased the property where Bengals Bar & Grill and Casablanca Mediterranean Grill currently sit.

Jack and Julie Rader sold the lot on Sixth St. to the Odles, who were operating as "6th and Elm LLC" in the official transaction. Currently, the amount of the sale is unknown. According to an April 2 deed of trust, the Odles borrowed $3.3 million through the Landmark Bank.

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  The Missouri School of Journalism has received a $1 million donation to support journalism education and research for the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Kirksville Restricts Usage of Sea Containers for Storage

Apr 24, 2015
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  The Kirksville City Council approved a series of restrictions over the usage of sea containers - large metal boxes used as accessory buildings for storage – on April 20. Kirksville residential property owners will not be able to permanently use these containers for storage anymore.