The University of Missouri system's interim president's contract calls for him to be paid nearly $40,000 a month.

Seal of the State Auditor
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 A state audit has found that a small northwest Missouri city improperly transferred about $860,000 from utility revenues to its general fund while raising sewer and electric rates.

Lake of the Ozarks
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 A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the drowning of a handcuffed Iowa man.


The Paris agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has led to new hope that the worst effects of climate change may be avoided.

On this edition of Global Journalist, our guests analyze the climate agreement and discuss the prospects for keeping Earth's temperature from rising by 2 degrees Celsius, the point at which dramatic changes to the Earth are inescapable.

The effort to build a new football stadium and potentially keep the Rams from moving back to Los Angeles faces a key vote Friday when St. Louis aldermen decide whether to spend $150 million on the project.

St. Louis Arch
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 A center to welcome refugees from Syria and elsewhere is set to open in St. Louis.

Paul Pepper: Storyteller Heather Harlan

Dec 18, 2015

Today Paul Pepper welcomes HEATHER HARLAN! You may recognize Heather as the spokesperson for Phoenix Health Programs, Inc., but today she joins us as a storyteller. Don't miss her performance, which includes a short song at the end - watch! December 18, 2015

University of Missouri

 The nursing school at the University of Missouri received $122,500 for diversity scholarships and programs.

The Columbia Missourian reported that the donation will create the Gregory and Diane Lind Diversity in Nursing Program. It will offer scholarships to undergraduate minority students pursuing nursing degrees beginning in spring 2016. The program also will provide annual stipends to student ambassadors who serve as mentors and coaches for underrepresented minority nursing students.

University of Missouri

  The St. Louis chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has called on the University of Missouri to implement sensitivity training after a Muslim student filed a lawsuit alleging that a biology professor directed a slew of sexually suggestive and religiously offensive remarks at her.

Chapter Executive Director Faizan Syed on Wednesday called for mandatory cultural sensitivity training.

University officials announced in November mandatory diversity, inclusion and equity training for all faculty, staff and incoming students.

University of Missouri

 Members of a University of Missouri graduate student advocacy group are raising concerns about insurance recommendations.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reported the Forum on Graduate Rights steering committee said in a statement that the recommendations outlined in a panel's report would leave graduate students worse off than the university's current plan.

University of Missouri

  The University of Missouri system has appointed an associate dean to lead its diversity task force.

The university said in a release Thursday that David Mitchell, associate dean for academic affairs, will chair the university system's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. Mitchell is also chair of the Missouri State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Mitchell's appointment follows the November resignations of the university system's president and the chancellor of its Columbia campus amid student protests over complaints about racial issues.


More and more companies, especially in the media, are trying to find new ways to attract millennials. And one former University of Missouri student is going directly to the source with her new journalism tech start-up, run by and for millennials.

A new report from Upshot, the New York Times' data blog, show that Missouri, and Columbia in particular, are among the lowest spenders per capita on both medicare and private insurance. Their interactive graphics allow you to compare spending across 306 locations throughout the United States.

The Kansas City school district has selected two finalists for its superintendent post.

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Two protesters arrested in Ferguson during protests last year are challenging the St. Louis County ordinance cited in their arrest, calling it too vague.

Doug sits down for the inaugural episode of Insight with Francisco Aguilar (pictured on the left), associate professor of forestry in the School of Natural Resources, to talk about the inner workings of the MU Power Plant, which has made the MU campus one of the most efficient in the U.S. in terms of using renewable energy. In addition, they will talk about a few ways that listeners can reduce and renew energy in their own homes. 

Insight is a production of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back JACK SCHULTZ, Director, Bond Life Sciences Center, who talks about 'CRISPR,' which is "a way of editing genes." Why do we do this? What are the benefits? Jack breaks it all down - watch! December 17, 2015

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A Missouri lawmaker has withdrawn a bill that sought to strip scholarships from college athletes who go on strike or refuse to play for reasons unrelated to health.

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Supporters of increasing the tax on cigarettes by 23 cents a pack are collecting signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.


A person familiar with the matter says the Justice Department is close to an agreement with the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, about making widespread changes within the agency.

Such an overhaul could avert a civil rights lawsuit that federal officials have the option to bring against departments that resist changing their practices.

The person was not authorized to discuss the matter by name and spoke only on condition of anonymity.


City officials have passed an ordinance restricting the use of drones to its owner's private property.

The ordinance was approved Monday after the Ashland Board of Aldermen passed it on Dec.1.

The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits drones from flying higher than 400 feet, or within 5 miles of an airport. Ashland is about 5 miles from Columbia Regional Airport.

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This piece was produced in conjunction with Missouri Business Alert, a digital newsroom that provides business news from across the state of Missouri.

The Salvation Army’s time-honored red kettle bell fundraiser has captured hearts - and ears - of patrons walking into and out of local grocery and retail stores for years.

As a family walks into HyVee, a woman slips change into two children’s hands; the children rush toward the sound of the bell and drop the money into the cherry red bucket.

Who owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal? Someone paid $140 million in cash for Nevada’s largest newspaper, but no one knows who that someone is. The rather unusual situation has staffers demanding answers. Also, Disney’s promotion machine is on full blast for Friday’s release of ‘Star Wars: A Force Awakens.’ Will the film live up to the hype? And, Serial returns for its second season. Why don’t fans seem as interested in Bowe Bergdahl as they were Adnan Syed? From the Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean: Views of the News.

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You've probably heard infants babbling strings of syllables before they start using words, but have you ever wondered why?

University of Missouri researcher Mary Fagan examined that question in a recent study by comparing speech development in babies with normal hearing, babies with profound hearing loss and babies with cochlear implants-a surgically implanted device that can help the deaf hear.

The deadline to receive health insurance beginning January 1, 2016, by enrolling in coverage through federal marketplace has been extended 48 hours, to December 17 at 11:59 p.m. PST. The initial deadline had been yesterday, December 15. 

A release on the website said the extended deadline was due to "unprecedented demand at and our Marketplace Call Center."