Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says he plans to restore nearly $5 million in state funding for the Truman Sports Complex and Bartle Hall in Kansas City.

Austin Federa / KBIA

Columbia City Council passed a set or ordinances Monday night requiring Transportation Network Companies like Uber to allow the city to perform secondary background checks and inspections on all drivers and vehicles, and require drivers to have a chauffeur’s license.

Gary Grigsby / KBIA

You may have heard about LEED certified buildings. The non-profit U.S. Green Building Council developed the nationally accepted LEED benchmark for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.  It's a complex system where the owner of a building gets points toward LEED certification by incorporating sustainable practices into just about every aspect of the construction process.  

School Closings for February 17, 2015

Feb 17, 2015

Click on the Link below to see a list of current school closings. 

School Closings

Afternoon Newscast for February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including:


students in classroom
Brad Flickinger / Flickr

  More online classes could be in the future of some Missouri students as state lawmakers consider expanding access to virtual schools.

A senate panel approved a bill that would allow students from failing districts and nearby schools to take online courses at another school.

Internet connection
Sean MacEntee/Flickr Creative Commons

Faster internet speeds could be on the way for the state of Missouri, as broadband services look to compete with Google Fiber.

AT&T announced a new Kansas City-area broadband service with speeds and pricing it hopes will be competitive.

EXAM: MU’s Title IX Policies Cause Headaches and Confusion for Faculty and Staff

Feb 16, 2015
Adam Procter / flickr

In October, University of Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin sent out a mass email to students, faculty and staff explaining faculty and staff are mandatory reporters of any form of discrimination under new Title IX policies.

For many of these new mandatory reporters, their new responsibilities have caused some confusion and concern. An online training program was launched a few months after the initial announcement to try to help clear the air. But, the training has caused its own confusion and headaches as well.

MU Museum of Art and Archaeology

Synesthesia is a phenomenon where the stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to an automatic, involuntary experience in a second sensory pathway.  Research suggests that 1 in 2,000 people have some type of synesthesia. While few are born with this innate condition, Dr. Arthur Mehrhoff wants to cultivate your ability to process two mediums simultaneously. Merging fine art and song this Friday, Mehrhoff - the Academic Coordinatorfor the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology - aims to create the conditions for synesthesia. The Missouri Theatre show will pair five paintings from the museum with choral works performed by MU's Ars Nova Singers.

Today Paul Pepper visits with DAVE MARS, Columbia Water and Light, and BRENNA REED, Office of Sustainability, about the "CoMo Energy Challenge." The city is competing for $5 million dollars from Georgetown University against other, similar-sized, cities - find out what you can do to help Columbia win the money! February 16, 2015

Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including:

  Candidates for Columbia’s First Ward City Council seat came together for the first time Friday after the deadline to enter the race passed last week. Seven of the eight candidates spoke at the first of three public forums before the April election.

Snow Day: Across Mid- Missouri

Feb 16, 2015
Stephen Dawson

A live blog of your snow coverage across Mid- Missouri:

Jenn Cooper / KBIA

This week on KBIA’s arts/culture segment Off the Clock, KBIA producer Jenn Cooper met up Kent Anderson, owner of Kent’s Floral Gallery, and Amy Atkinson, manager of the Candy Factory, to find out how they prepare for Valentine’s Day. 

Columbia Remembers Former Mayor Rodney Smith

Feb 13, 2015

"The Anchor Holds" is a familiar church tune you would usually hear on Sunday afternoons, but this Friday afternoon it is a reminder of a major loss in the Columbia community.

Today family and friends paid their final respects to Columbia’s former Mayor Rodney Smith.

Downtown Fulton

 The Old Fulton Theatre is making an encore performance. Last month, The Brick District organization voted unanimously to take on the renovation of the historic building. The theater has been abandoned for over five years now, and hasn’t been functional since 2005. District president Thomas Riley said the theater has a lot of potential, but needs work.

“We’ve been working on downtown development for a number of years," he said. "The theater represents probably the biggest potential asset we could have for downtown development… but right now, it might be the biggest detriment.”

Grass Roots Organizing Asks Council to Look at Coal Contract

Feb 13, 2015
File / KBIA

Grass Roots Organizing is asking the Columbia City Council to get out of what they believe is a bad contract with a coal plant in southern Illinois that provides part of the city’s electricity.

missouri capitol
Jacob Fenston / KBIA

Randy Asbury, a former Missouri state representative, announced that he will be running for governor.  He made his announcement yesterday at Moberly Area Community College, where Asbury said over 150 people showed up to support him.

Defending Brian Williams

Feb 13, 2015

NBC Nightly News Managing Editor and anchor Brian Williams is serving a six month suspension without pay. Some people, though, are coming to his defense. Fox's Bill O’Reilly said he should be allowed one pass. Missouri School of Journalism professors Earnest Perry, Mike McKean and Amy Simons discuss the issue on KBIA-FM's media criticism program, "Views of the News."

Today Paul Pepper sits back as local storyteller (and resident holiday guest), LARRY BROWN, tells us the story of "The Questing Beast," which takes place during the era of King Arthur. Is it a Friday the 13th story or a Valentine's Day story? You decide. February 13, 2015

File Photo / KBIA

A proposal to cut the amount of time someone can be on welfare has first-round approval from the Missouri Senate. 

Columbia transit bus
File Photo / KBIA

The Columbia City Council is considering hiring a consultant to help combat the continuing decline in city bus ridership.

The Public Works Department added new bus routes in August to serve more people in the Columbia area, but now city council members are reevaluating how transportation funding should be allocated.

The city currently has a half-cent transportation sales tax that provides funding for the transit system as well the Columbia Regional Airport and road repair.

House votes in favor of the right-to-work measure

Feb 12, 2015
j. stephenconn / Flickr

The House voted 91-64, to give final approval on Thursday to a right-to-work measure, which would bar unions in the state from collecting fees from non-members. Last session, the chamber failed to get a constitutional majority, so Republican leaders dropped it.

It's unclear whether the Senate will pass the measure.


On this week's Thinking Out Loud, hear part two of Darren Hellwege's conversation with the Reverend C.W. Dawson. The conversation touches on the role of Martin Luther King and others in re-energizing the black churches' engagement in the civil rights movement, weaving black history into the broader telling of history and why we need to better monitor election fraud in America.

david_shane / flickr

The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday in favor of a bill that requires the state to notify businesses of changes in sales tax policies. It would exempt businesses from paying certain taxes if the Department of Revenue doesn't give notice of changes.

The legislation aims to inform businesses if the courts or Revenue Department alter policies that could impact services and products subject to sales taxes.

Clark Lane West will receive new sidewalks

Feb 12, 2015

  New sidewalks are coming soon to Columbia’s streets. Columbia residents met at City Hall Wednesday night to hear the details of the Clark Lane West and Hinkson Creek Trail Pedway project.

City Council approved the new sidewalk in 2012 as part of the second phase of GetAbout Columbia. Funding for the project comes from the Federal Highway Administration’s Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot program. In 2006, Columbia was one of four communities selected for the program.

Today Paul Pepper welcomes back YVONNE MATTHEWS and MABLE GRIMES, who perform two poems: the first is "No Assistance" at [2:17]; the second is "I Am Getting Ready to Unfold" at [4:33]. February 12, 2015