United Cerebral Palsy

According to a new national report, Missouri ranks third in the country for providing care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The report released this month was created by United Cerebral Palsy, a national non-profit organization for people with disabilities. The ranking is based on services like promoting independence, keeping families together and reaching those in need.

In 2007, Missouri came in at 41 overall in the same report, meaning the state moved up 38 places over seven years.

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  Several groups are joining together for events in Ferguson, Missouri, for the anniversary of the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

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  The University of Missouri Extension Service says continued wet weather has led to serious problems in the state's wheat fields.

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  The status of legislation to block scholarships and financial aid for Missouri students whose parents brought them illegally to the U.S. is being disputed.

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 A Columbia businessman charged with hiring a man to set a fire will remain in jail on a $5 million cash-only bond.

A Boone County judge Friday ruled bond wouldn't be reduced for 60-year-old Mehrdad Fotoohi Ghiam, charged with first-degree arson. Prosecutors allege he paid a man $500 to set a trailer on fire because it was on land he wanted to expand his electrical engineering business. A woman in the mobile home suffered second-degree burns and carbon monoxide poisoning.

When officers tried to arrest him, Fotoohi Ghiam hid in an attic during a nine-hour standoff.

Mike Parson, R-Bolivar / Missouri State Senate Website

  Missouri's crowded Republican primary for governor is losing a candidate.

State Senator Mike Parson announced Saturday that he is dropping out of the governor's race and instead will run for lieutenant governor in 2016.

The switch comes just three months after Parson declared his candidacy.

Parson told The Associated Press he feared his message would have gotten lost in what was shaping up to be a seven-way Republican primary for governor.

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  University of Missouri officials will appeal a loss of accreditation for the school's master's program in library science.

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  Columbia is offering the public an unusual way to charge their electronic devices.

All five of the MU students with confirmed cases of mumps had received the recommended measles, mumps and rubella or MMR vaccine.

The Boone County Department of Public Health confirmed the five cases of mumps Thursday. All five students are between the ages of 20 and 23. 

Mumps is a virus that can cause fever, body aches, pain and swelling. Children are typically vaccinated for the disease at around one year, and again at 4 to 6 years. According to the Center for Disease Control, two doses are 88 percent effective at preventing the disease. 

A Missouri lawmaker's legislative aide has been arrested after a woman claimed he choked her until she lost consciousness.

Court records show Republican Rep. Mike Kelley's aide Kolton Babb was arrested Wednesday in Columbia and charged with domestic assault.

Babb's attorney said he denies the allegations and will plead not guilty.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reported the alleged incident took place when Babb was talking with a 20-year-old woman Wednesday morning in a Columbia house.

Ameren Missouri

  Ameren Corp.'s nuclear power plant in mid-Missouri is expected to reopen later Friday, a day after it was shut down due to a "non-emergency" steam leak.

Barry Cox, senior director of nuclear operations at the Callaway Energy Center near Fulton, says a damaged gasket was identified and has been repaired. Cox says inspections and testing are taking place, with plans to restart the plant soon.

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One Saturday afternoon at a backyard cookout, St. Louis architect Dan Rosenberg enjoyed a cheeseburger – a food he’d enjoyed many times before.

That night, a couple hours after he went to sleep, he woke up with a searing pain in his stomach.

“Let’s be clear here,” Rosenberg says, “this was like a nine on the ten-scale.”

Regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, including:

Today Paul Pepper and HEATHER HARLAN, Prevention Specialist at Phoenix Health Programs, Inc., talk about mindfulness-based relapse prevention and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) - new interventions and treatments for those who are impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. At [4:59] The Wardrobe's MICHELLE WOODSON tells us about their shoe coupon program, taking place August 5th, 6th and 7th. Watch our interview for more information! July 24, 2015

jay nixon
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  Missouri's Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has called two former interns' claims that state Senator Paul LeVota made unwanted sexual advances toward them "deeply troubling."

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Boone County Recorder of Deeds Nora Dietzel said June 26 was a busy morning for her.

That’s when the US Supreme Court announced their decision requiring all states to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Dietzel said she got a call almost immediately from one couple who’d had their application on file for almost a year.

Rose Nolen passed away this past January. I got to meet her only a few times and was impressed with her candor and wit. In this week's Thinking Out Loud, Rose Nolen's son and friends discuss her life in Sedalia before, during and after the desegregation era.

The Ameren Corp. nuclear power plant in central Missouri is shut down for the second time in eight months after a "non-emergency" leak in the reaction control system.

Missouri's Newborn Screening Program Adds Hospitals

Jul 23, 2015
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Missouri's newborn screening program, which turned 50 earlier this month, is expanding its reach to get blood samples to testing facilities faster.

The program added eight new hospitals as collection sites for testing for a total of 54 around the state. It also added Sunday pickup service to all sites, in addition to the regular daily weekday pickup.

State Representative Kip Kendrick said he sees school-based telehealth as a way to bridge the gap between rural youth and access to quality medical care.

Today Second Chance's VALERIE CHAFFIN and "ATHENA," a grey-striped tabby kitten, invite everyone to a special event at their adoption center in Boonville on July 28 to hear Dr. Seuss's "What Pet Shall I Get?" At [4:32] KRISTEN EIFFERT, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  returns to tell us about this weekend's 'Super Hero Food Ice Cream Class' at the Columbia Public Library! Your 3-9 year-old will love making ice cream from scratch - watch our interview for more information! July 23, 2015