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Authorities say 100 gallons of diesel fuel has spilled into the Missouri River near Kansas City.

The Coast Guard said in a news release that the spill happened Monday night when a towing vessel's fuel tank ruptured.

A boom has been placed around the vessel to contain the discharged fuel. The release says the Coast Guard will continue to monitor the situation until the fuel is removed from the water.

Stephen Webber
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One of the most important issues on District 19 State Senate Democratic candidate Stephen Webber’s platform is strengthening funding for the University of Missouri, and K --12 education as well. He says this is important since education is a major employer in the district.

“But it's also more than that; it's also who we are, in terms of our cultural values, and how we identify ourself; we're an education community, and so it's important in all facets of this area,” Webber said.

Today Paul Pepper visits with JENNIFER BEAN, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, about how a person decides that they need to visit a dietitian. While most think that a dietitian's job only revolves around food, Jennifer says that, "most of the time, we're dealing with health and improving quality of life." If that sounds like you, don't miss this interview! At [4:35] NICK FOSTER, Executive Director of the Voluntary Action Center, talks about their popular Adopt-a-Family Christmas program. Nick says that he's seen more families than ever this year, so consider becoming a volunteer! Also, don't miss "The Voice Mid-Missouri," an important fundraiser for VAC starring you! October 11, 2016

Mizzou Unity Coalition

Students at the University of Missouri are petitioning to create a disabilities studies program.

MU professors Anand Prahlad and Julie Passanante Elman have already begun creating the coursework for the program. If approved by administration, students who complete the program would earn a certificate which is similar to earning a minor in disability studies.

MU Disability Inclusion and ADA Compliance Manager Amber Cheek says the program is similar to the Multicultural Certificate that is already offered by the university.

Eric Greitens
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Republican Eric Greitens is getting financing for his Missouri gubernatorial campaign from many of the same people who have supported a charity he founded for military veterans.

But Greitens denies that he has used a donor list for The Mission Continues to solicit money for his governor's race against Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster.

An Associated Press analysis found that more than $1 of every $8 Greitens has raised came from previous donors to The Mission Continues.

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Lincoln University celebrated its 150th anniversary last weekend, and current students and alumni from across the country came together to commemorate the milestone. The homecoming week included the annual coronation of Mister and Miss Lincoln University, the National Panhellenic Step Show, the Homecoming Parade and the LU 150th Birthday Extravaganza.



The theme for this historic homecoming week was #NeverForget1866, which denotes the founding year of the historically black university in Jefferson City. Shortly after the end of the Civil War, members of the 62nd United States Colored Infantry decided to establish an educational institution known today as Lincoln University.

Missouri Capitol
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  Chamber of Commerce officials said plans to build a bridge in Jefferson City to improve riverfront access are advancing.

The News Tribune reports Union Pacific Railroad has given its approval for a bridge to be built over its tracks to connect Adrian's Island to the city, and a donor, B.J. DeLong, has pledged $1 million to develop the 30-acre peninsula.

The Environmental Protection Agency is saying a mine waste pit in southwest Missouri doesn't appear to be filling, four years after the agency began dumping waste into it.

The Joplin Globe reports  the mine, near Oronogo, closed in 1948. It eventually developed into a lake 200 feet deep in some places.

In 2012, the EPA said it would have no problem filling the pit, estimating it would hold about 4 million cubic yards of mine waste.

Today Paul Pepper visits with JEFF MORAN about the new name for the P.E.T. Mobility Project, now known as Mobility Worldwide. Why the change and what effect will it have on their mission to deliver personal transportation devices to leg-disabled people in developing nations? Not all that much, actually (but let Jeff tell you that). At [4:20] MARILYN McLEOD, League of Women Voters, reminds us that it isn't too late to register to vote before November's election! Also, mark your calendar for two candidate forums this month; this first one happens tomorrow evening - watch for details! October 10, 2016

Morning Newscast for October 10, 2016

Oct 10, 2016

Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including:

Ferguson Emerges as Factor in Missouri Governor's Race

Oct 10, 2016
Attorney General's Office

The fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson has been injected into Missouri's gubernatorial campaign.

At issue is whether Democratic Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who is now running for governor, pushed for the ouster of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, before the facts were in.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens has accused Koster of trying to get Wilson fired soon after the August 2014 shooting.

Farm Your Yard: Preserving the Season's Harvest

Oct 9, 2016
Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture / Facebook

Carrie Hargrove and her fellow urban farmers are busy putting up the season's harvest. On this installment of Farm Your Yard, she shares her tips for preserving vegetables and lessons learned in six years of the Opportunity Garden program.

Riley Beggin

While music may be the draw for some of the attendees of the Roots N Blues N BBQ festival, it’s not the only thing attendees may look forward to. A lot of Roots-n-Blues music lovers are also food lovers.

While barbecue might have played the title role, patrons could also enjoy ribbon chips, homemade pies, fried catfish and many other options.

Columbia Police Department logo
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  A union representing Columbia police officers is suing the city of Columbia after officials refused to release public records or asked "exorbitant" fees to fulfill the request.

The Columbia Police Officers Association sought emails between police Chief Ken Burton and Deputy Chief Jill Schlude from June 1 to July 22. The lawsuit says the city did not reply in a timely manner and then said it would cost nearly $840 to fulfill the request.

Jocelyn Augustino / FEMA

Missouri is sending help to the southeastern part of the United States as Hurricane Matthew continues to damage coastal states.

According to a press release from the Boone County Fire Protection District, FEMA activated Missouri Task Force 1 Thursday evening to aid in relief efforts. Missouri Task Force 1 is an urban search and rescue team trained in everything from large building collapse searches to water rescues. The task force is bringing more than 40 personnel and 100,000 pounds of gear to help the affected states.

Accessibility Staff Makes Sure All Can Enjoy Roots N Blues

Oct 7, 2016
Carter Woodiel

For Chuck Graham, a former state senator who uses a wheelchair, attending live music festivals was often more of a hassle than enjoyable.

“I didn’t even enjoy the music because I was so irritated with just the struggle of being able to get there,” he said.

Graham, the accessibility director for the Roots n’ Blues n’ Barbecue Festival, which took place from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, was determined not to let that happen at Roots n’ Blues.

“I just wanted to make it as easy as possible for other people to get here and just really enjoy live music,” he said.

Today Paul Pepper visits with NANETTE WARD, Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition, about the need for "everyday heroes." Nanette advises potential heroes to stay engaged when they see signs of trafficking, but not interfere: "They (the victims) might not want help right away. They are so afraid for their be someone who is real engaged in this, you have to realize it may be several times before you meet that person or have an opportunity to gain that trust." Needless to say this is a difficult, but worthy, cause. October 7, 2016

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Missourians will vote on the renewal of funding for state parks, water and soil in November.

Department of Natural Resources Director Sara Parker Pauley spoke at MU Wednesday on the current challenges the state faces and how the funding would keep resources maintained for the long haul.

The park, soils and water one-tenth cent sales tax returns to the ballot every ten years for reauthorization. The tax was first approved in 1984 when Missouri’s parks and natural resources weren’t in good shape physically or financially.

prison cell
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Authorities say a former Missouri man has been sentenced to 14 days of incarceration and five years of probation for defacing the Islamic Center of Springfield and burning copies of the Quran.

Twenty-four-year-old Adam David Smock, of Edgewater, California, also was ordered Thursday to pay $10,440 in restitution, perform 40 hours of community service and personally apologize to the leaders of the Islamic Center of Springfield.

MU Enrollment Increases During Fall Semester

Oct 7, 2016
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More students enrolled in MU courses after the first day of classes, bringing total enrollment up by 1.5 percent.

MU spokesperson Christian Basi says those who enrolled after August 22 are a mix of both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students pursuing a degree in MU’s online program.

During the 2015 school year, there were 35,050 students enrolled. After the recent enrollment increase, the current amount of students is 33,266.

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A key pillar of President Barack Obama's foreign policy has been the attempted "pivot to Asia."

The idea was that under President Bush, the U.S. expended enormous resources fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That focus was a detriment to American relationships with the surging economies of the Asia-Pacific region - an area expected to account for half of the world economy by the middle of this century.

Obama’s goal was to put new heft to the political, economic and military relations in places like China, Indonesia and Thailand – and avoid getting pulled into more conflicts in the Middle East or problems in Europe. As Obama prepares to leave office, this edition of Global Journalist examines whether this policy has succeeded – or amounted to little more than talk. 

Mexico Public Schools is bridging a connection between their students and community members through their partnership with Bright Futures USA.

The non-profit organization based out of Joplin, Missouri, encourages school districts to connect with their local communities. The organization’s affiliates are located in eight states. Missouri is the most active in the program with 27 participating school districts according to Bright Futures website.

A Missouri sheriff appointed to a commission that oversees the state's public defender system has stepped down barely a month after taking the job.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Jefferson County Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer resigned Monday, citing health issues and a possible conflict of interest.

Boyer was appointed by Gov. Jay Nixon on Aug. 26 as part of the governor's effort to remake the board after a flap over funding cuts he imposed in July.

The city of Holts Summit is attempting to raise $10,000 to purchase specialized equipment for the Holts Summit Police Department. They are working with Friends of Holts Summit, a nonprofit organization, to raise the money by reaching out directly to the community.

The new protective gear would include ballistic helmets and specialized body armor. The Friends of Holts Summit organization says these items are not normally included in the department’s budget. City Administrator Rick Hess was one of the first donors.

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About 1,300 people toed the starting line this past weekend for the 8th annual Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Half Marathon and 10K. According to Patrick Hanson, the race director, participation was up 12 percent this year. 

Today Paul Pepper welcomes the cast of "The Church Basement Ladies in 'The Last (Potluck) Supper,'" on stage now at Maples Repertory Theatre in Macon! Artistic Director, TODD DAVISON, and company perform two numbers: "On the Eighth Day, God Created the Church Basement Ladies" at [1:24] and "The Old Wooden Spoon" at [5:52]. Watch! October 6, 2016