A panel in New Zealand has now whittled hundreds of crowdsourced national flag submissions down to four. And if this Guardian live feed of the unveiling is accurate, the Kiwi’s aren’t happy.

Taking stock of minimum wage around the world

13 hours ago
Tony Wagner and Janet Nguyen

Myanmar has introduced  a minimum wage for the first time, which takes effect Tuesday, according to Reuters. 

The new policy would require employers to pay workers 3,600 kyat, or  $2.80, for an eight-hour work day, which equals about 35 cents an hour. 

Today Paul Pepper visits with NANETTE WARD, Volunteer Board Member, Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition, and DOUG CARR, who along with his wife BARB, are the 2015 CMSHTC Abolitionists of the Year. Find out the Carrs' motivation to invest so much time and effort into this special cause. September 1, 2015

Marco Werman: It's about the flood, not the storm

14 hours ago
Marco Werman

Gliding along the rails of the narrow causeway, no guardrails in sight, The Crescent seemed to hover over silvery Lake Pontchartrain.

It was 7 p.m., and the conductor, a longtime New Orleanian, walked up and down my car and warned us passengers about drinks on Bourbon Street like the hurricane and the hand grenade.

“My advice is drink them slowly.” He repeated, “Slowly.”

My goal was to hear some good music, eat some decent food and hear about the changes in the city 10 years after Katrina. I wanted to hear and see for myself where things are.

prison cell
mikecogh / Flickr

  The Missouri Department of Corrections is converting a Kansas City prison release center into a new type of facility.

The newly named Kansas City Re-Entry Center takes the place of the Kansas City Community Release Center, which for years released several hundred parolees daily into downtown Kansas City.

Beginning next month, the building in the city's West Bottoms will become a minimum-security prison, housing inmates nearing parole.

Brian Turner / Flickr

  A 43-year-old Columbia man has pleaded guilty in federal court to robbing six banks.

Missouri Capitol
j.stephenconn / Flickr

  The Missouri Ethics Commission has found that lobbyists likely broke state laws requiring them to name lawmakers they buy meals for.