World Cafe
1:28 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Janka Nabay And The Bubu Gang On World Cafe

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang.
Courtesy of the artist

Ahmed Janka Nabay was one of the first musicians to take 500-year-old bubu music outside of his homeland of Sierra Leone, where he'd been a rock star. Nabay was forced to flee the country in the midst of that country's civil war, and eventually wound up in Philadelphia in 2003. Nine years later, Nabay's band has released its first album, En Yay Sah, which blends bubu and electronic dance music.

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AM Newscasts
1:08 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Newscast for October 17, 2012

Regional news coverage from the KBIA Newsroom, including:

  • Debates draw MU students to nonpartisan campus watch parties
  • UM leaders put wallets behind tobacco tax hike
  • McCaskill waits on tables at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing
The Two-Way
1:05 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

U.N. Envoy To Syria Heads To Damascus To Discuss Cease-Fire

Syrian rebels head towards the frontline in Albab, 30 kilometres from the northeastern Syrian city of Aleppo, on Wednesday.
Tauseef Mustafa AFP/Getty Images

The United Nations' special envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is on his way to Syria's capital, Damascus, where he will hold talks with Syrian leaders about a proposal to call a cease-fire between government troops and rebel fighters. Brahimi has said he hopes the cease-fire will start next week, for the Eid al Adha holiday.

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Election 2012
1:03 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Ballot Measures Put Hot-Button Issues To A Vote

Originally published on Wed October 17, 2012 1:22 pm

In many states, the tight presidential race isn't the only thing on people's minds: Ballot measures are putting some controversial social and political issues up for popular vote. Same-sex marriage and the death penalty are just two of the measures voters will weigh in on come election day.

Digital Life
1:03 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Going Online To Outsource Your Chores

Originally published on Wed October 17, 2012 1:25 pm



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Presidential Race
1:03 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

The Town Hall Debate's Best Moments And Memes

Originally published on Wed October 17, 2012 1:14 pm



This is TALK OF THE NATION. I'm Neal Conan in Washington. Binders full of women, Benghazi blame and ancient history now, there was a vice presidential debate last week. It's Wednesday and time for a...

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Bunch of malarkey...

CONAN: Edition of the Political Junkie.


PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN: There you go again.

VICE PRESIDENT WALTER MONDALE: When I hear your new ideas, I'm reminded of that ad: Where's the beef?

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Solve This
1:00 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Climate Politics: It's Laugh Lines Vs. 'Not A Joke'

This Sept. 16 image released by NASA shows the amount of summer sea ice in the Arctic, at center in white, and the 1979 to 2000 average extent for the day shown, with the yellow line. Scientists say sea ice in the Arctic shrank to an all-time low of 1.32 million square miles on Sept. 16, smashing old records for the critical climate indicator.

Originally published on Thu October 18, 2012 11:11 am

Scientists view climate change as one of the world's most pressing long-term problems. But the issue has barely surfaced in the U.S. presidential race. President Obama has taken steps to address climate change during his time in office. Republican challenger Mitt Romney would not make it a priority in his administration.

In fact, as Romney stood on the stage to accept his nomination at the Republican National Convention, he used global warming as a laugh line.

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Shots - Health News
12:52 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Take Shots With You, Please

Scott Hensley, Shots host.

Originally published on Thu October 18, 2012 11:24 am

Does Shots look a little different today? You bet.

We've streamlined the design, building on what we learned from the last makeover in early 2011.

The Shots landing page will get a few more tweaks over the next couple of weeks, but the key change is that you'll be able see many more stories at a glance when you visit.

We've got more room for graphics and photos for stories, and there will be less clutter around them, too.

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12:47 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Boonville livestock auction barn to re-open next week

File Photo KBIA

Boonville’s livestock auction barn will re-open as the Missouri Valley Commission Company Tuesday, Oct. 23, under new ownership.

Jon Angell of Centralia owns the soon-to-be opened auction farm with his brother, Justin, and business partner, Mike VanMaanen.  Angell said with the previous owner, the company sold up to 60,000 head of cattle a year.

“There’s quite a need in this area to have a local barn for the cattlemen and farmers of the area to sell their livestock,” Angell said.

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12:41 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Micro-businesses showcased at Columbia fair

"A Tastefully Simple representative stands in front of a booth at the Micro-business Fair and Reception on Tuesday Oct. 16, 2012."
Ryan Shiner KBIA

Small businesses don’t always get to showcase their work, but in Columbia, they had the ability to network with other businesses at the Microbusiness Fair and Reception Tuesday.

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce put on the fair at the Stoney Creek Inn. Chamber President Don Laird said this gives businesses an opportunity to network. 

“The main thing that we had hoped was for those who were participating, to gain access to some new knowledge, some new products," Laird said. "Anything someone else is doing to give them a chance to be able to see what else is out there.”

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