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A prominent GOP political donor is again supporting Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder as he runs for Missouri governor.

St. Louis Arch
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St. Louis' police chief is calling the city's judges too lenient with defendants in alleged gun crimes, insisting those on the bench "are accountable to virtually no one."

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The state of Missouri has budgeted money to begin the process of building a news veterans' home and to upgrade two veterans' cemeteries.

The Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri conservation advocates say the case of a man who received a modest fine for killing a black bear shows why the state Legislature should put more teeth in poaching penalties.

The Springfield News-Leader reports 40-year-old Chris Keown of House Springs shot the bear with a muzzle-loading rifle around May 2 in a heavily wooded area near his home.

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Regulations aimed at helping companies such as Uber and Lyft expand in Missouri died in the Legislature this year.

At issue is whether the ride-hailing companies are governed by uniform statewide rules or by varying rules from city to city. The companies say differing rules make it hard for them to do business. 

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Missouri state authorities say they are investigating a weekend shooting death involving a 19-year-old man in Mid-Missouri.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says Robert Ashbaugh was pronounced dead Saturday night at a house in Tipton in Moniteau County. The patrol believes Ashbaugh was shot during another person's horseplay with a gun. 

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A World War II veteran who says he was exposed to mustard gas experiments at a former southwest Missouri military camp has had his disability claim denied again.

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Missouri lawmakers took steps this year to address the growing number of drug overdoses, but health care advocates say more work remains.

Missouri mega-donor Rex Sinquefield is pouring millions of dollars into political committees before the Aug. 2 primary and Nov. 8 general election.

MU School of Law

The University of Missouri Law School dean is stepping down, but will take on another faculty role at the law school.

Dean Gary Myers announced Friday that he's resigning effective Aug. 14. Myers was named in a lawsuit filed Wednesday against Myers and the university over a public-records request.

In the suit, former Republican Rep. Kevin Elmer claims associate professor Josh Hawley conspired with Myers to keep Hawley's school emails private. Hawley is running for attorney general and faces an Aug. 2 Republican primary.

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Authorities are monitoring high water levels along the Current and Jacks Fork rivers in southwest Missouri to determine if sections of the rivers have to be closed to paddlers for the Memorial Day weekend.

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Missouri's Republican legislative leaders and more than 100 others say they oppose the Obama administration's directive on transgender student bathroom access.

Columns at University of Missouri
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A former state lawmaker is suing over an associate University of Missouri law professor and attorney general candidate's emails.

Senate floor at the Missouri Capitol
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A Missouri Senate staffer has begun reviewing Planned Parenthood's internal records, including procedures for fetal tissue disposal.

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A St. Louis jury ordered Monsanto and three other companies to pay more than $46 million to three people in a suit alleging negligence in the production of PCBs.

Jay Nixon at State of the State Address 2010
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A new state park in southeastern Missouri is set to open July 30.

Gov. Jay Nixon on Wednesday announced Echo Bluff State Park's opening in Shannon County. The park was previously called Camp Zoe but was renamed after a sheer bluff on the property.

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A state audit released Wednesday cites "serious mismanagement" by the former superintendent of the Fox School District in suburban St. Louis, alleging she spent nearly $100,000 on questionable expenses with little oversight from the school board.

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Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri plans to merge with the abortion provider's central Oklahoma affiliate in July.

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Missouri's insurance department has dealt a setback to a proposal by the nation's third-largest health insurer to buy another insurance company.

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Missouri Supreme Court judges say the state doesn't owe two retired judges who later asked for more money based on federal judges' pay.

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Bayer says it looks forward to holding merger talks with Monsanto, after the St. Louis company said earlier it would consider a higher bid.

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Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway says a state board created to advocate for small businesses against government regulations isn't doing its job.

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The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld two laws that limit the ability of local governments to regulate cellphone towers.

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will be leading a trade delegation on a trip to Cuba next week.

The University of Missouri System has announced that it will conduct an audit of diversity and inclusion policies and procedures.

Missouri Capitol
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The Missouri Republican State Committee is backing closed primaries.

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Missouri voters will decide Nov. 8 whether to amend the state Constitution to allow lawmakers to add voter-identification requirements.

St. Louis Arch
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A former St. Louis police officer accused of first-degree murder in connection with a 2011 shooting death while he was on duty has pleaded not guilty.

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Ferguson city leaders, struggling to balance a budget decimated by fallout from unrest that followed the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, will ask voters in August for a second tax increase.

Voters in the St. Louis suburb in April approved a half-cent sales tax increase and narrowly defeated a property tax increase.

The Ferguson City Council at a special meeting Sunday voted to put on the Aug. 2 ballot a proposal to raise the city utility tax by 2 percent.

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German drug and chemicals company Bayer AG says it has made a $62 billion offer to buy U.S.-based crops and seeds specialist Monsanto Company.