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The Ameren Corp. nuclear power plant in central Missouri is shut down for the second time in eight months after a "non-emergency" leak in the reaction control system.

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  Scientists have developed a vaccine strain that is 100 percent effective in protecting chickens from bird flu and testing is underway to see if it protects turkeys.

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  Health officials in Boone County says seven suspected cases of mumps have been reported in the Columbia area.

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  More than $4 million will go to support AmeriCorps civil service volunteers throughout Missouri.

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is asking the federal government to declare a major disaster for 70 counties due to spring and summer storms that caused tornadoes, torrential rains and flooding across much of the state.

Nixon made the request Tuesday, citing damage to roads, bridges and other public infrastructure, along with homes and businesses. At least 10 deaths are blamed on the storms and flooding.

Nixon says that since mid-May, more than half of the state has been damaged, and many places face extensive response and rebuilding expenses.

Missouri's Republican-led Senate will conduct what now is the third investigation of Missouri's only abortion center.

Republican Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey on Tuesday announced he formed a committee to investigate.

At issue is an undercover video released by anti-abortion activists showing Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical services discussing procedures for providing fetal body parts to researchers.

Planned Parenthood says it legally helps women who want to make not-for-profit donations of their fetus' organs for scientific research.

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  Republican lawmakers and gubernatorial hopefuls are calling on Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to arm the National Guard after the recent attack on two Tennessee military facilities.

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  A federal appeals panel has reversed a lower court's rejection of a challenge to the Affordable Care Act brought by a Missouri lawmaker fighting required birth control coverage in his state-sponsored insurance plan. 

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  Planned Parenthood says a Columbia clinic plans to resume providing abortions in August after hiring a new physician.

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A nearly 6-ton rock honoring Confederate soldiers from the Civil War is being removed from Boone County's courthouse lawn in the wake of a massacre at a black church in South Carolina.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports the Boone County Commission unanimously approved a plan Thursday to move the 11,000-pound Confederate Rock to the site of the September 1864 Battle of Centralia.

The rock has sat in front of the county courthouse since 1975, when controversy forced it from the University ofMissouri campus, where it was dedicated in 1935.

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Harris-Stowe State University is closer to offering graduate degrees for the first time ever after Gov. Jay Nixon signed a bill removing restrictions that prevented the St. Louis-based university from conferring advanced degrees.

Nixon was at the university Thursday to sign the bill, calling higher education a necessity.

The university must now get approval from its accrediting agency and from the state's Coordinating Board for Higher Education.

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Two Republican state lawmakers plan to investigate Missouri's only abortion facility after anti-abortion activists released an undercover video showing Planned Parenthood's national medical director discussing the disposition of parts from aborted fetuses.

The video released Tuesday shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical services, discussing procedures for providing fetal body parts to researchers. Planned Parenthood says it legally helps women who want to make not-for-profit donations of their fetus' organs for scientific research.

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A Missouri Senate administration committee next week plans to release findings from an investigation into possible workplace harassment.

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A circuit judge has ruled that Missouri violated open records laws by refusing to disclose the pharmacies that make the state's execution drug.

Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem ruled Wednesday that the Department of Corrections broke the Sunshine Law.

Missouri authorities who have been searching for a week in a heavily wooded area for a 13-year-old boy with autism say the teen doesn't want to be found.

 Missouri is suing the U.S. agriculture secretary for not extending the deadline for some farmers to file reports needed for crop insurance.

St. Louis Community College

  An attorney for the St. Louis Community College District has been appointed to the state Highways and Transportation Commission by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

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  Missouri's Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster has more money for a gubernatorial campaign than all of his Republican rivals combined.

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  Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt says he has more than $3.8 million on hand for a 2016 re-election campaign. That's more than three times as much as his Democratic challenger, Secretary of State Jason Kander.

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Data provided by Southern Illinois University shows that the school's administrators have spent more than $180,000 on in-house chartered airplane flights over the past two years.

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Sexual education classes in some Missouri schools soon must include information about the dangers of online sexual predators and sexting.

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  A September execution date has been set for a man convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old Kansas City girl in 1989.

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Legislation to move up the deadline for judges to rule on court challenges to ballot measures has been signed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

A panel appointed to study social and economic issues following the unrest in Ferguson last year has approved almost 100 recommendations as part of a report that eventually will be sent to the governor. 

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  A Missouri panel has voted to block Fulton Medical Center from building a 10-bed hospital in south Columbia.

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  A new Missouri measure soon will waive fees for certain veterans who want specialty Purple Heart license plates.

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More hot, humid weather is forecast for Kansas and Missouri, with the National Weather Service issuing an excessive heat warning for much of the two-state region.

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Democratic Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed a measure that could allow those convicted of driving while intoxicated to get back on the road sooner.

Those convicted of offenses related to drunken driving can regain their licenses, but must use an ignition interlock device on their car for at least six months. The devices test blood alcohol content.

Currently, anyone who tests above .08 or tampers with the device during the six-month period must keep the devices on their car for another six months.

Missouri Department of Corrections

The Missouri Supreme Court has denied an appeal by a prison inmate scheduled to be executed Tuesday in the 2001 western Missouri slaying of a 19-year-old woman he abducted.

The state's high court rejected without comment a request to intervene on behalf of 55-year-old David Zink. That appeal was filed Sunday.

Zink still had appeals yet to be decided by the St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. A clemency request also is with Gov. Jay Nixon.

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed a bill to allow some mental health workers more access to medical records of people who have been civilly committed.

The legislation that Nixon signed Monday makes more records available to community mental health liaisons. Those liaisons work with law enforcement and the courts to connect people with behavioral health problems with treatment.