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Missouri officials say the state Children's Division has received more than 1,000 reports of juveniles with sexual behavior problems since late August.

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A new report shows that almost 40 percent of tenure-track faculty at the University of Missouri received waivers that allow them to reduce their teaching load during their final academic years.

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State national resources officials say money set aside for repairs to a Missouri Civil War monument at a Mississippi historic sight can't be used because it comes from the wrong fund.

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Departures from Branson Airport have fallen sharply in the year since its last mainline carriers pulled out.

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With the approval by Illinois regulators for its part of a 780-mile transmission line to carry wind power from the Kansas high plains to Eastern power grids, Missouri farmers are the only ones standing in the way of the $2.2 billion project.

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Several new state laws intended to boost the ranks of doctors in underserved areas have yet to produce any actual results.

A federal probe indicates that some employees at a now-shuttered south Kansas City bomb-making plant might have been exposed to more radiation than previously known.

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A Missouri Planned Parenthood branch is refusing to give records related to abortions to the Republican-led state Senate.

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A judicial panel is looking for a replacement to take over after Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Cohen steps down in January.

Cell phones
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The list of Missouri cities where police have alerted the FBI of suspicious bulk purchases of prepaid, disposable cell phones from Wal-Mart stores is growing.

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A Kansas City Aviation report says building a new terminal would be less expensive than renovating Kansas City International Airport.

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Missouri's U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has donated $10,000 to help interns facing sexual harassment.

St. Louis Arch
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The Environmental Protection Agency is ordering surface fire prevention measures at a St. Louis-area landfill where nuclear waste was illegally dumped in 1973.

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The pharmacy benefit management company Express Scripts has committed $2.5 million toward scholarships and programs at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, with much of the money aiding needy students from north St. Louis County.

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The family of a St. Louis jail inmate who died in custody is disputing the police version of what happened.

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Thirteen cities from Anchorage, Alaska, to Waco, Texas, are getting help from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to do better at using data.

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The Missouri Supreme Court is weighing whether to allow a trial over alleged sexual abuse of a teenager by a scoutmaster from more than a decade ago.

Cell phones
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Federal investigators say they've been alerted about a small number of men suspiciously buying dozens of prepaid, disposable cell phones from Walmart stores in three Missouri cities.

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Wild hogs are creating a nuisance across much of Missouri, but conservation officials are warning against hunting the animals.


A lawyer for a Missouri mother says a pawn shop was wrong to sell her mentally ill daughter a gun that was used in a fatal shooting.

Attorney Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence told Supreme Court judges Wednesday that Odessa Gun & Pawn was negligent.

Pawn shop lawyer Derek MacKay says state and federal laws protect firearms dealers from such claims. Lowy also challenged the constitutionality of a federal gun commerce law.

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A federal appeals court has ruled that a mid-Missouri technical college can require all students to take drug tests.

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Nearly a dozen prison inmates are recovering from injuries after a transport van accident in northeast Missouri.

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A Missouri State University graduate student's research findings may rewrite the history of the Civil War in Jasper County in Missouri.

Evangel University of Springfield says it plans to reduce spending by $4 million and cut 44 faculty and staff jobs.

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Attorneys for two Missouri death row inmates are suggesting reviving the gas chamber as an alternative method of execution.

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Missouri State University has hired an investigator to conduct an independent review of allegations of racist treatment against the school's vice president of diversity and inclusion.

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A Muslim student at the University of Missouri has filed a lawsuit alleging that a biology professor directed a slew of sexually suggestive and religiously offensive remarks at her.

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A deal that would merge the world's biggest beer companies into a megabrewer is raising concerns on Capitol Hill. Skeptical senators voiced fears on Tuesday that the deal could make it harder for craft brewers in their states to sell their brands.

A University of Missouri task force is recommending three options for graduate student employees' health insurance premiums.

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A select group of sergeants will be the first St. Louis police officers to try out body cameras.