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Kate Grumke is a senior convergence major at MU.

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The Boone County Sheriff’s Department collected almost 650 pounds of prescription drugs from drop-off locations around Boone County in a drug pick-up event this past weekend … and the sheriff’s department reports there is an increase in people dropping off prescriptions for environmental reasons.

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A St. Louis-based global car-rental company has announced a gift of $2 million to the University of Missouri.

Activists from across the state met in Jefferson City today to discuss ways to end poverty.

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On a Sunday morning at Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church in Columbia, about 30 people sing to welcome two new members to their congregation.

John Flaim is one of the newcomers. He came to Wilkes about five months ago.


University of Missouri researchers are developing a new procedure to detect breast cancer.

The new test looks for signs of breast cancer in fluid, found in breast ducts. Researchers say the test is more accurate and less invasive than current procedures, according to MU professor Thomas Quinn.

“It’d be nice if you could do this and have the confidence that you don’t have to go in and do invasive procedures like needle biopsies,” Quinn said.

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The Columbia City Council held a special meeting Friday to officially introduce a potential agreement with American Airlines. The meeting was adjourned after four minutes, but the short meeting could expedite the process of Columbia Regional Airport beginning to offer flights to Chicago and Dallas. Mayor Bob McDavid says these flights would benefit MU and businesses in Columbia.

"I like to say that on the coast we’re known as ‘fly over country,'" McDavid said. "Well we want to be known as ‘fly into country.’”

MU Hospital

MU announced Thursday that George and Melna Bolm of Warren County left $1.3 million to the University of Missouri School of Medicine. The Bolms weren’t alumni of the University and were never treated at the University Hospitals or Clinics. They decided to donate the money because MU was close to their home and served the people in their area.