Kyle Jacoby

Kyle will be a Senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is majoring in journalism with an emphasis in broadcast. He is also dual majoring in statistics. 

Kyle started in journalism interested in sports but found news media more appealing because he believes in the motto "news that matters" and the work we do in public news can be really impactful. Kyle has worked at the NPR-affiliate KBIA radio and NBC-affiliate KOMU-TV in Columbia as well as KTRS radio in St. Louis. Throughout his experiences in the newsroom, he has found he enjoys producing, getting a chance to work with others and on the whole put together a newscast the public will benefit from. Kyle feels getting a chance to produce for public radio is a great opportunity to combine his passion for producing and telling the community "news that matters."

According to the Pew Research Center, hundreds of thousands of Americans could live to see 100 by the year 2050. Women in France, Japan and the United States have already lived past the age of 114. With the now realistic possibility that individuals may live into the triple digits, planning ahead for retirement becomes both more important, and more challenging.

Living Longer