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Scarlett Robertson


Scarlett Robertson joined KBIA as a producer in February 2011. She studied psychology at Lake Forest College and holds a masters degree in journalism from Syracuse University. Scarlett began her professional career in psychology, jumped to magazines and then came to her senses and shifted to public radio. She has contributed to NPR member stations WAER in Syracuse, KUT in Austin and Chicago’s WBEZ. 

Scarlett left KBIA in June of 2012.


Off the Clock
1:41 pm
Fri May 11, 2012

Mother's Day special

Photo courtesy of StoryCorps

This week’s show is all about moms—and we have the good, the bad and the ugly. First up, we’ll hear about a book of portraits on the life of the American mother and later we have an audio essay on the complicated mother/daughter relationship.

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Off the Clock
11:22 am
Fri May 4, 2012

Bringing cellos to the people

Portland Cello Project
Tarina Westlund

Portland Cello Project is a collective of classically trained cellists that came out of, you guessed it, Portland, in 2007. And they’re bringing the cello to pop culture, playing music that you may not normally associate with the instrument.  They’ve played everywhere from a punk rock club in Fargo North Dakota to a sports bar in Lubbock Texas.  I spoke with the group’s artistic director Doug Jenkins who started off by explaining how the group began.

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Off the Clock
2:33 pm
Fri April 20, 2012

Missouri's newest state park donated by creator of spot remover

Don Robinson
Photo courtsey of Nancy Rice

This week: St. Louis area entrepreneur Don Robinson died last month, leaving 843 acres of land to Missouri—the same size as New York's Central Park.  And an audio postcard of a notorious outlaw's mock trial.

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Arts and Culture
11:11 am
Fri April 20, 2012

Spot remover creator Don Robinson donates Missouri's newest state park

Scarlett Robertson KBIA

St. Louis area entrepreneur Don Robinson died last month, leaving 843 acres of land to Missouri—the same size as New York's Central Park

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Off the Clock
6:10 pm
Fri April 13, 2012

Lunafest travels to Columbia

Every Mother Counts: Obstetric Fistula
Photo courtesy of Lunafest

This week's show highlights a film festival by for and about women. Andlater in the show: an audio essay from a woman who gives a unique perspective to  kissing and being kissed.

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Off the Clock
4:45 pm
Fri April 6, 2012

Down by the river

The scene at The Honky Tonk and Blues Jam
Scarlett Robertson KBIA

This week we head down to the Missouri River, hear a technology-centric essay about cell phones and celebrate Easter a few days early.

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Science, Health and Technology
5:22 pm
Mon April 2, 2012

Money raised for Thompson Center during autism awareness month

Beverly & Pack flickr

The “Light it Up Blue” national campaign to raise autism awareness has landed a check for Columbia’s Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders. 

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Off the Clock
4:49 pm
Fri March 30, 2012

Riding with the Bike Brigade

SFBike Flickr

This week, we hear how one person deals with homesickness, when home is almost ten thousand miles away. But first, we hit the streets of Columbia on bikes.

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PM Newscasts
5:28 pm
Wed March 28, 2012

Newscast for March 28, 2012

physis3141 Flickr

Regional news coverage from the KBIA newsroom, including:

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10:23 am
Wed March 28, 2012

Boone County Fairgrounds gets new name

The Boone County fair in Columbia, Mo.
Mr. Shiv Flickr

As part of its regular meeting, the Boone County Commission held a second public hearing Tuesday night about renaming the Boone County Fairgrounds.

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Off the Clock
1:54 pm
Fri March 23, 2012

Second chance, first opportunity through basketball

Douglass High School senior Chartez Westbrook, 19, dribbles up the court during the Class 2 District 7 quarterfinals against Salisbury in Sturgeon on March 1.
Matt Veto KBIA

This week we hit the basketball court for a story about how, sometimes, the game can take on a deeper meaning. And stay tuned till the end of the show, where we have a new Sonic ID, this time from Speaker’s Circle.

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Arts and Culture
7:00 am
Thu March 22, 2012

State of the arts in Columbia

Edgar I Ailor III Courtesy of the City of Columbia

Columbia’s arts and culture crowd gathered for an arts town hall meeting Wednesday night.

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Off the Clock
5:20 pm
Fri March 9, 2012

Glory days for the Mafia in Kansas City

"Where two brothers where shot to death from ambush in Little Italy this morning."
Terence O'Malley

Kansas City may be famous for its jazz and barbeque, but it also has the dubious distinction of having had one of the best Mafias in the country.

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Off the Clock
4:35 pm
Fri March 2, 2012

Q&A with Undefeated director Dan Lindsay, Pt. 2

“Undefeated” is the Oscar winning documentary from MU grad Dan Lindsay which will open and close True/False this year. The film  follows an underdog high school football team in North Memphis, Tenn. KBIA’s Nick Gass spoke with Lindsay about the biggest challenges the directors faced and the process that went into making the movie.

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Off the Clock
4:00 pm
Fri February 24, 2012

True/False Preview

Renee May Flickr

As Columbia gears up for the True/False Film Fest, this week we're giving you a preview of a few of the best things happening at this year's fest.

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