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Scarlett Robertson joined KBIA as a producer in February 2011. She studied psychology at Lake Forest College and holds a masters degree in journalism from Syracuse University. Scarlett began her professional career in psychology, jumped to magazines and then came to her senses and shifted to public radio. She has contributed to NPR member stations WAER in Syracuse, KUT in Austin and Chicago’s WBEZ. 

Scarlett left KBIA in June of 2012.

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Kelly Famuliner

  For major league baseball fans, this next week is an important one. Pitchers and catchers report for spring training and players at the rest of the positions follow suit in the coming weeks. But each year, hundreds of baseball fans get an even earlier start…at baseball fantasy camps. KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner is one of those people. He shares his story of a week of baseball spent in Surprise, Arizona.

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The Museum of Art and Archeology is commemorating Black History Month with an exhibition called "Black Women in Art and the Stories They Tell."

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The second meeting discussing MU’s  budget took place Wednesday where Director of Budget Tim Rooney led an updated presentation on the university’s financial situation for the coming year.

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The Black Archives of Mid-America recently completed renovations on a new exhibit and archive space and also welcomed a new executive director, Doretha Williams.

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The University of Missouri System Board of Curators is meeting today in Kansas City. One item on the agenda, and on everyone's minds, is the budget.

Hartsburg, Missouri is situated on hilly land just south of Ashland with a population of only about 105. Luther Hunt and his family settled in the area in 1870s and by 1893 a railroad station known as Hart City was built. But it wasn't until 1901 that the town was officially incorporated as Hartsburg. 

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He’s an actor, playwright, bestselling author, award-winning stand-up comedian and popular political commentator.

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The University of Missouri is undertaking a study that will evaluate the transit needs of its students.

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The MU Budget Office held an open meeting Tuesday to discuss the state of the university’s funds. 

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Where the Sky Doesn’t End is the name of a new novel that tells the story of a young Missouri boy and girl, Brendan and Aria, who befriend an African-American janitor at their school, Mr. Washington,who's also a former Tuskegee Airmen mechanic. The story blends themes from history, race and friendship into a coming-of-age tale that’s uniquely Missourian, and American.

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Local writer Keija Parssinen is something of a fixture on Columbia’s literary scene.

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The almost simultaneous closings of two area mobile home parks have left residents searching for a new place to live. However, local help may make the move easier for some.

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Regional news from the KBIA newsroom, including

Regional news from the KBIA newsroom, including:

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If you hear the word "opera" and think of a stuffy art form with horned helmets and a large singing lady,well, think again. 

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The city of Columbia is spending $45,000 to conduct an outside review of its police department. This comes after a year in which the department has seen a host of issues, including the firing of officer Rob Sanders, as well as dueling local groups focusing on Chief Ken Burton.

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Friends and foes

Dec 30, 2011
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This week's show, the last of the year, is about friendship. Which seems appropriate--now's generally the time people reflect on their accomplishments, their regrets and the people who've been around for both.

The holiday show

Dec 23, 2011
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Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or Festivus…whichever winter holiday you celebrate, it’s hard to miss the fact that the season is upon us. This week's show is no different.

Jay Nixon
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Reports that Governor Jay Nixon was considering trying to balance the state budget by tapping state universities for about 107 million dollars, including 63 million from the University of Missouri, haven’t been well received. KBIA’s Scarlett Robertson reports the idea appears to be dying down. By Scarlett Robertson, Columbia MO. State representative Chris Kelly, a Democrat, says he thinks the plan is inappropriate. "And I think this plan is about gone," says Kelly.

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