Activist takes anti-drone message on the road

Nov 19, 2012

Credit Kenny Holston / US Air Force

Anti-war activist Brian Terrell is traveling the country educating people on the United States use of unmanned military drones.

Terrell was one of three men arrested for trespassing at Whiteman Air Force Base last April. A Federal Judge found him guilty and he will begin his six-month federal prison sentence on November 30.

Last April, a group of 40 people were protesting peacefully against the use of unmanned drones at the Whiteman Air Force Base.

Brian Terrell, Mark Kenney and Ron Faust were arrested after trying to deliver a petition and a list of their grievances on the usage of drones in war.

Kenney is currently serving fourth months in prison and Faust is on probation for five years.

Brian Terrell spoke at the University of Missouri Thursday night. He says they are being punished for speaking out against the drones: “For someone to go to prison for trespassing when there wasn’t any kind of violence, there wasn’t any kind of threat, that’s absurd. People get arrested for trespassing everyday but people don’t go to jail like this. ”  

Terrell says that he will continue to protest the drones while serving out his sentence at the Yankton Federal Prison Camp in South Dakota.