After threatening resignation if key bills failed, Grisamore now says he's staying put

May 21, 2013
Originally published on May 21, 2013 3:51 pm

A Missouri lawmaker who threatened to resign unless one or both of his key bills survived the last day of the 2013 legislative session is staying put, even though both bills failed to make it out by Friday's deadline.

State Representative Jeff Grisamore (R, Lee's Summit) said his resignation threat was based on frustration with the Senate's inaction on the bills -- House Bill 717 would have provided funding for disabled children and House Bill 727 for disabled adults.  Both bills died when the Missouri Senate chose not to advance them on the final day of session.

"We don't need to be waiting and allowing such important bills that impact our most vulnerable citizens in Missouri, folks with disabilities and at-risk women and children and families, be put off until the last minute," Grisamore said.

Grisamore changed his mind after talking with House Speaker Tim Jones (R, Eureka) and Majority Floor Leader John Diehl (R, Town and Country).

"They assured me that they'll do everything they can to help us next year insure that the omnibus disability bill passes," Grisamore said.

Grisamore's possible resignation, combined with fellow House Member Jason Smith's (R, Salem) possible election to Congress, could have resulted in Republicans losing their veto-proof majority in the Missouri House.  But Grisamore said his decision to stay in office had nothing to do with preserving the GOP supermajority in that chamber.

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