Akin admits arrest, calls McCaskill not very "ladylike"

Sep 28, 2012

Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin said he was arrested in an anti-abortion demonstration two decades ago.

Speaking at a news conference Friday in Kansas City, Mo., Akin said he was arrested about 25 years ago during a peaceful protest. But he would not say where the arrest occurred and if he was charged.

The Republican congressman is facing Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. On Thursday, Akin said she had not been "ladylike" in a recent debate. He later defended that wording and said it was "self-explanatory."

McCaskill told The Associated Press that some of Akin's remarks have left her "a little speechless."

Democrats have attempted to link Akin's "ladylike" comment to an earlier remark about "legitimate rape" to suggest he's insensitive to women.