Akin, Steelman debate in St. Louis

Jan 10, 2012

Two of the three Republican candidates running to challenge Senator Claire McCaskill in November squared off Tuesday in the first of what is sure to be several debates before the primary election.

There is little daylight between former state treasurer Sarah Steelman and Congressman Todd Akin on the issues, both socially and economically. Both said that gives them an advantage against McCaskill, a Democrat. Steelman said she has the added benefit of being a “Washington outsider.”

“I am the candidate the status quo fears the most, because I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do," she said.

Akin said voters only need to look at his record to see he’s not an insider.

“I told you the very first vote I took in DC was against President Bush’s first bill.”                              

Neither candidate mentioned businessman John Brunner, who turned down an invitation to appear at the forum, which was sponsored by the St. Louis Beacon and KTRS.