All power restored but storm cleanup continues

Jul 11, 2014

The Columbia Water and Light outage map Friday morning

Columbia Water and Light crews have restored power to all customers who lost power in a severe thunderstorm late Monday night.

At the peak, 14,000 Water and Light customers didn't have power, and as of this afternoon, Water and Light's online outage map shows all customers have had power restored.

In a press release, spokesperson Connie Kacprowicz said crews would continue work today, but yesterday finished replacing all six of the 80 foot tall transmission polls on Fairview road that had been affected by the storm.

It was still unclear when Fairview road between Broadway and Ash would be re-opened, as workers run distribution lines from those new poles, but Kacprowicz said it could be today. She says the areas that have been the most challenging have had storm debris many feet deep, and topography that makes access difficult.

The cleanup continues however as there are many residents who are still recovering and looking for ways to dispose of limbs and tree parts which don’t meet curbside pickup criteria. Columbia Public Works Street Division will conduct a special pickup with relaxed requirements on Saturday, July 19. Residents can request a special pickup by calling the public works department between now next Thursday.