Alleged cattle rustler in custody

Jul 12, 2012

US Marshals arrested an alleged cattle rustler Tuesday night after he scammed livestock sellers across the country.

Ron Shepard had warrants for his arrest in at least five states, including Missouri.

Shepard was also wanted in Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas and Florida.

The Goreville, Ill. native allegedly bought livestock from auctions and never paid for them. Shepard went on the lam in April as the arrest warrants started piling up.

The U-S Marshals learned he was holed up in northern Mexico. Mexican authorities deported him on Tuesday and he was taken into custody, according to U-S Marshal Don Slazinik.

“I’m a modern day Marshal, not a Wyatt Earp one. I don’t know what the definition of a cattle rustler is anymore. But I guess that’s just a way to look at it," said Slazinik. "He was buying and selling cattle somehow and supposedly raising money or making money for some entity, either charitable or otherwise. And somehow the money wasn’t getting where it was supposed to go."

In Southeast Missouri, Shepard allegedly stole 30 to 40 head of cattle from the Patton Junction Livestock Auction, according to the Bollinger County Sheriff. Shepard is now being held in Marshal Service Custody in Houston, Texas.