Ameren to install $145 million piece in reactor

Jun 23, 2014

Credit Ameren Missouri

Workers at Ameren’s Callaway Energy Center near Fulton will install a new, multi-million dollar piece of equipment later this year.

Ameren said it’s a nuclear reactor vessel head, which protects important parts of the reactor, and will be installed during a refueling outage in a few months. Barry Cox, Ameren’s Senior Director of Nuclear Operations, said the outage will come around mid-October.

The piece will replace a 30-year-old vessel head, which has been in use since the reactor opened back in 1984. Ameren said it invested $145 million in the new part.

Fulton City Councilmember Lowe Cannell said the Callaway Energy Center is important to the community.

“Obviously, it’s one of our largest employers in the county, so it’s vital to our economy,” Cannell said.

The Callaway Energy Center supplies energy to 20 percent of Ameren Missouri’s customers. It was originally shipped from Spain to New Orleans.

From New Orleans, the equipment made its way up both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers before reaching the energy center in Callaway County.