Ameren Missouri presents energy efficiency plan

Jul 17, 2012

St. Louis-based Ameren Missouri presented details of its energy efficiency plan to the Missouri Public Service Commission on Monday.  The proposal would cost around $145 million, which would result in the average home electric bill going up about $3 per month.  Ameren officials say, though, the plan would result in long-term savings of nearly half a billion dollars.  Kevin Gunn chairs the Public Service Commission, which heard the utility’s presentation in Jefferson City.

“Because we’re asking them to do what you wouldn’t ask any other business to do, which is sell less of their product, you have to remove the disincentive for them doing that. We would allow them to recover some of the lost revenue that they would be getting from the energy that was reduced,” said Gunn.

The commission is expected to vote on Ameren Missouri’s efficiency plan before the end of the month.