"America's Got Talent" winner seeks office

Mar 13, 2012

Sikeston native and “America’s Got Talent” winner Neal E. Boyd plans to dip his toes into politics.  Boyd will run as a Republican in the 149th House District.

Boyd will run against incumbent Democrat Steve Hodges.

Boyd says he has wanted to run for office for nearly twenty years, and thinks now is the time to serve his community and pull it out of the recession.

“You know, and the society, they’re on pause. They’re looking at gas prices going up to probably 5 dollars a gallon. They’re looking at a contentious race for the Presidency of the United States. And it’s going to get ugly. People are preparing for that and looking for the best candidates to serve them. The main thing is this. The common theme is people are looking for leadership,” Boyd said.

No other Republican has filed in the district.

The opera singer intended to run for the House last year, but pulled out due to weight concerns. He has since lost 65 pounds.