Anderson's seat empty at Ashland Board of Aldermen meeting

Oct 8, 2013

Suspended second ward Alderman Jeff Anderson’s seat was empty at Tuesday morning’s special Ashland Board of Aldermen meeting. Anderson was at the meeting, but Mayor Gene Rohrer rejected Anderson’s interest to take his seat. Anderson also confronted members asking for his reinstatement only to be rejected by the mayor again.

“Would you be so kind as provide the citizens of our ward the authority for that suspension and the cause?” Anderson asked.

Rohrer responded by saying, “We’ll continue the meeting Mr. Anderson – there’s a public speaking section at the end of the meeting.”

Members voted to suspend Anderson during their September 16 closed meeting and are currently discussing options for his impeachment. Rhorer would not comment on Anderson’s suspension and possible impeachment, but added insight about the progress of the disciplinary action being taken.

“At the advice of legal counsel again we had appointed a special legal counsel to represent the public hearing and impeachment process which is again the current directive of the board,” Rhorer said.

The mayor says no date has been set for Anderson’s hearing and it is at the discretion of the special counsel. The interim city attorney will not be involved.