Art Jago Accepts Defeat in City Council Race With a Smile

Apr 4, 2017

Dr. Art Jago may not have won the Fifth Ward City Council seat, but he said he had a ball.

Jago held an election watch party at D. Rowe’s Tuesday night and greeted everyone who came to support him. His son, Arthur Jago flew in from California to watch the election. An old student of his, Elie Dvorin, stopped by after driving from California.

Despite it being election night, Jago said he wasn’t worried.

“I feel relaxed,” Jago said. “It’s the end of the campaign season.”

The room the party was in had four TVs and one projector so attendees could watch as the election results rolled.

When 25 percent of the vote was in, Pitzer had nearly double the votes Jago had.

“It’s not over ‘til it’s over.” Jago said in response.

Later in the night, one of Jago’s friends showed him the results of the election on his iPad. He had been watching the Boone County clerk’s website. That’s when Jago conceded defeat.

“I want to thank everyone,” Jago said to the room. “I commend [Pitzer]… he was a good student. I wish Matt the best.”

“I’m proud of my dad for giving his all,” Jago’s son Arthur said. “He really cares about Columbia and he’s going to still continue caring about Columbia and I know he’s going to try to continue to make Columbia better.”

Former student Elie Dvorin agrees with Arthur.

“ I was just hoping Art getting on the city council would have been a good use of his skills and good for Columbia,” Dvorin said.

Jago said he enjoyed meeting the citizens of Ward 5 and hearing them speak about what they thought could be improved in Columbia. For now, Jago will continue to teach at the Trulaske School of Business at MU. Although, this might not be last voters see of Art Jago.

“It’s not out of the question. It’s not off the table.” Jago said when asked if he would consider running for city council again.