Ash Street Place apartment building fire may cause some residents to wait to move back in

Apr 10, 2013

A disaster specialist for the American Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter says some residents of the Ash Street Place apartment building that caught fire Tuesday in Columbia may be able to move back in this weekend. But Phillip Iman says there will still be some residents who have to wait longer.

“The entire 66 unit complex is currently uninhabitable until they can stabilize the structure of the unit. Approximately 18 are going to be able to move back in on Sunday, but that still leaves 48 units that aren’t going to be able to move back in,” said Iman.

Iman says people in those 48 units cannot move back in until the electrical system and building structure are sound. He says the Red Cross is working with the apartment complex owner and the city to see what they can do. Iman says the Red Cross can only provide financial assistance to 18 units that were deemed unlivable. He says neighbors, family, and friends will need to help the other residents with temporary lodging until the units are ready to live in again.