Audit of Missouri Legislature calls for more transparency

Aug 29, 2016

 The Missouri auditor said the Republican-led House and Senate should be more transparent and should stop asking lobbyists for contributions.

Democratic Auditor Nicole Galloway's office released findings Monday showing some legislative committees didn't record their votes. The findings also revealed that Sunshine Law policies for lawmakers are unclear.

Galloway's office said the Senate should close a bank account used to solicit lobbyist contributions that are used to purchase meals for lawmakers. The audit said a House interim committee asked lobbyists for contributions to pay for a tour bus.

The Senate said it will look for other ways to pay for meals, but it doesn't see a solution that will work. The House noted representatives failed this year to ban lobbyist-financed travel for lawmakers.

The audit also recommended the House and Senate include whistleblower protections in employee handbooks.