Bill to Increase In-State Tuition Withdrawn

Feb 22, 2018

Senator Caleb Rowden withdrew a bill aimed at increasing the cap on in-state tuition for public universities following a filibuster yesterday. The bill would have allowed universities to raise tuition prices to up to 10 percent above the inflation rate.

Christopher Dade is the president of the MU chapter of the Associated Students of the University of Missouri, which advocates for students at the four UM campuses in the state legislature. He says his group actually supported the measure.

“Basically because this bill would allow kind of a pressure relief valve, at least in the short-term to allow universities like Mizzou, the UM System and all public universities to continue providing the education that students expected when they enrolled in these universities.”

Governor Greitens’ proposed budget would cut $98 million from higher education state-wide, including $43 million from the UM System.