Boone County Commissioner Appointment Process Questioned

A Boone County Republican Party official is questioning the governor’s process in finding a new Boone Country Presiding Commissioner.

By Allie Hinds (Columbia, Mo.)

Governor Nixon appointed Democrat Dan Atwill to the post after former presiding commissioner Republican Ed Robb died last month.

Governor Nixon appointed Atwill before the Boone County Republican and Democratic central committees submitted their candidate recommendations.

Cheri Reisch is vice chairwoman of the Boone County Republican Party Central Committee. She said her concern isn’t who Governor Nixon appointed, it’s how.

“We wish he’d of given the central committees of Boone County the opportunity to allow us to submit a candidate to his desk before he went ahead and made the decision, but the decision that he made, I personally have no problem with,” said Reisch.

Reisch also said Atwill’s appointment came earlier than the Republican and the Democratic central committees expected. Both committees were in the process of reviewing candidates’ applications and preparing to make a recommendation to Governor Nixon next week.