Boone County residents head to the election polls

Apr 8, 2014

Credit Sullivan Fox / KBIA

Mid-Missouri residents are heading to the voting polls today, deciding on a range of issues on the ballot from education and developments across Columbia to tax additions that would fund a library in Centralia.

While today's municipal election are not as motivating for voters as a Presidential or Congressional primary election, county officials are hoping to get between 18,000 and 19,000 voters by the end of the day, though they did say that less may come because there isn't much on the ballot.

Columbia resident Doyne McKenzie says she always votes because she feels it's her right, but she understands why a lot of people don't come to the polls.

"I think [people don't vote] because there's nothing, as Wendy Noren has said, there's nothing controversial," McKenzie said. "So, unless you are a regular voter, like I am, you're not going to."

But some people are trying to change that. Voters and volunteers throughout the state are encouraging fellow Missourians to get out and vote. Columbia resident Christine Schulte also believes voting is important.

"We live in a country that you have the right to vote," Schulte said. "We live in a country where you have a say in what happens in your government and your community, and if you don't take that opportunity then, shame on you."

Though the voting is mostly done manually across the county, there are some adaptations for people with disabilities, such as an electronic alternative.

"It's designed to be used by visually impaired persons or others who might have a difficulty making marks on paper, said" Harold Miederhoff, a volunteer at the Boone County Government Center.

Polling places will remain open in Boone County until seven tonight.