Boonville citizens to vote on sales tax

Oct 24, 2012

Boonville citizens will vote Nov. 6 on a tax initiative to raise the sales tax. The main portion of money from the tax would go to improving the water treatment plant in Boonville.

The tax initiative on the Boonville ballot  would raise the sales tax by half of one percent. This would raise the sales tax to 8.2 percent similar to that of surrounding cities.  The money would go toward improving the water treatment plant and storm water drainage issues. City Administrator Irl Tessendorf said times may be tough but the improvements are needed.

“Everyone recognizes that the economy is not great at the moment and all that so maybe it’s a challenge but it’s also an opportunity  both in terms of the project an also a way for the local citizens to fund a major infrastructure project," Tessendorf said.

Tessendorf also said without this tax money other projects will be cut because there is no way around paying for the plant upgrades.  He said usage fees might also go up if the tax doesn’t pass. Money from the proposed tax increase will also go to projects for the parks department and improvements to the Kemper Campus.