Brunner Trying To Be 1st Businessman Governor in 80 Years

Jul 25, 2016

Credit Brunner campaign

  Missouri Republican candidate John Brunner said he wants to be the first businessman elected governor in 80 years.

The former chairman and CEO of personal care product company Vi-Jon Inc. told The Associated Press his business experience qualifies him to run the state.

If elected, Brunner said he'll support right to work and recruit businesses to come to the state.

Brunner has never held elected office before. He lost to U.S. Rep. Todd Akin in a three-way GOP primary for U.S. Senate.

Brunner faces an even more competitive four-way primary Aug. 2. The other Republican candidates are former Navy SEAL officer Eric Greitens, former U.S. attorney and House speaker Catherine Hanaway and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

Brunner's poured more than $6.6 million into his campaign for governor so far.