Building company moves to Montgomery City, projects 20 new jobs

Apr 5, 2012

Porta-King Building Systems, a manufacturing company, announced an expansion in Montgomery City.

Porta-King Building Systems is planning a $1.1 million expansion in Montgomery City. The company produces prefabricated buildings. President Steve Schulte says the expansion should create 20 new local jobs in the next year.

"We’re actually broadening all of our product lines, getting prepared for the additional growth in the manufacturing sector along with our security business," Schulte said.

In a public announcement Wednesday, Governor Jay Nixon said Porta-King is part of an economic rebound for manufacturing in the state. Schulte says his company has doubled its workforce over the last year.

"The major manufacturing, the heavy manufacturing business is certainly picking up across the country, and it really has beginning about the mid-part of last year," he said.

President of the Montgomery City Chamber of Commerce Jeff Thielmeier says he hopes the company’s expansion is a sign of economic recovery.

"We’ve had some job loss over the last couple years in the community, and they’re helping replace those. You know, exactly what we need in the economy we’re in is new jobs," Thielmeier said.

Porta-King bought a vacant building in Montgomery City in December and started production there soon afterward.