Business Beat: September 14, 2011

This week: Young farmers are finding it harder to start a farm.  And, federal cuts have been proposed to cut state Amtrak Lines.

Hosted by Nick Adams.

In farm country business is booming. Food prices remain high, and investors are funneling millions of dollars into farmland. It’s quite enticing for the would-be farmer that wants to leave the rat race. It might be surprising that all these factors make it exponentially harder for the next generation of farmers to get their hands dirty. Harvest Public Media’s Clay Masters reports.

Legislation is moving its way through Congress that could dramatically change Amtrak’s funding by prohibiting the company from using federal funds to operate state-supported lines. This includes the Missouri River Runner line which operates between St. Louis and Kansas City. But Lukas Udstuen spoke with officials who say that might not be the case.