Business Beat: Start-up weekend spurring healthcare IT innovation, Food waste as an opporunity

Oct 1, 2014

Startup weekend in Columbia starts on Friday, kicking off a fifty-four-hour boot camp at the Museao Building in south Columbia. People will work in teams to pitch and develop their business ideas with the help of mentors during the boot camp. At the end of the weekend, they'll present their business plans to a panel of judges, who will them select the winners. Missouri Business Alert’s Elizabeth Tharakan explores how Columbia’s Startup Weekend has recently become a springboard for health care IT companies.

In the U-S, we waste more than a third of all of the food we produce. But food waste can be valuable, and many cities and towns are trying to turn waste into something beneficial. For Harvest Public Media’s series “Tossed Out…Food Waste In America," Earth Fix’s Cassandra Profita shows us how. This is part six of a series and you can find the other stories on