Callaway County delays in mailing residents' tax bills

Nov 5, 2012

The Callaway County collector’s office will not be mailing resident’s tax bills on time.

Computer glitches in the new taxpayer software that the collector’s office is using will delay the mailing of Callaway County’s real estate and property tax bills this year. The new PC based software was implemented in February.

Callaway County assessor Pam Oestreich is fine-tuning the technical difficulties. Problems have primarily been found in the wording of different sections in the tax bills, specifically in the titles of historic vehicles. No errors have been found in the tax amounts.

She says taxpayers don’t need to worry about the delays and software glitches.

“I prefer to mail them the first of October, first of November, as a courtesy for our taxpayers," Oestreich said. "If they have two months to be able to save and scrape up enough to get them paid by the end of December so they don’t have to pay penalty paying after that. I would rather err on holding them back and making sure everything’s okay before they get to the mailbox.”

The bills are mailed to 36,000 county taxpayers. Oestreich said she plans to have the bills mailed to taxpayers next week.