Cell phone tracking bill currently before Gov. Nixon

Jun 1, 2012

Among the more than 110 bills passed by Missouri lawmakers this year is one designed to help law enforcement officers track a missing person through the potential victim’s cell phone signal.

If signed by Governor Nixon, the bill would require cell phone companies to provide police with the location of any customer who’s been reported missing or believed to be in danger.  The sponsor, GOP House Member Jeanie Lauer of Blue Springs, says it’s in response to the 2007 kidnapping and murder of Kelsey Smith in the Kansas City area.

“Her father, who actually is a police officer, was not able to get the cell phone providers to provide that information at the time…by the time they actually were able to find her she was already dead,” Lauer said.

The bill would also shield cell phone service providers from lawsuits over the release of a customer’s location in emergency situations.  If the governor signs it, it would take effect August 28th.