Chancellor Deaton discusses study showing low professor pay at MU

Apr 26, 2013

MU departments and department chairs are working with Chancellor Brady Deaton to increase faculty wages on a case by case basis. Deaton spoke today with KBIA’s Sydney Miller and reiterated that higher wages are a priority.

The affirmation comes after the release of a survey from the Association of American University Professor’s that shows MU salaries as less than average.

"The relative level of funding here at MU both publicly and privately has been below that so many of our competitors and that makes it very difficult for the University to compete.”

MU ranks at or near the bottom in salaries when compared to 33 public universities that are also members of the Association of American Universities. The data shows salaries for full professors are below average and salaries for assistant and associate professors are far below average. Only 22 other doctoral institutions paid less than MU’s salary for assistant professors.

“We basically have to look very carefully at our internal funds and decide the number of faculty we need in various areas, the number of other support for research and scholarship and operating funds and to ensure were allocating sufficient funds to keep our faculty salaries competitive.”

But, Deaton points out, the comparisons are using complex data.

"We’re a long way from being at the bottom of anything."

The school, and University of Missouri System, fair better on the state level. MU has the second-highest salary for full professors out of public universities in the state.

Rankings on the Association of American University Professor's survey
Credit Sydney Miller / KBIA